Stolen bikes

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  • I've broke a key on mine few months ago, asked builders working next door to cut same lock for me. It took about 15 seconds.

  • So depressing... so the only thing stopping bikes with Kryptonites getting stolen is that there are even shitter locks out there that don't need an angle grinder

  • Black & white CAAD10 taken from my “secure” underground car park in Highgate early hours sat morning.

    They didn’t bother breaking the Kryptonite lock, they just took the post it was locked to.

  • True, although armed with a Park workshop pedal spanner I once had a face-off with a thief in broad daylight on the Holloway Road, that was interesting.

  • Guys who want to get their bike back need to roll deep if you spot it again in person or online.

    I had a little crew a few years ago and we would roll 6 man deep down to brick lane market, reply to gumtree ads and different estates and recover bikes. Haven't done this in a long time since...settled down now but I miss those days sometimes.

    We would match the stolen bike up as described by the owner.
    Owner would give us crime ref number they reported to police in case real police show up.
    One person tests the bike.
    Then commandeer the bike while the other 5 surround and read the riot act.

    2 choices give up the stolen bike and walk away or citizens arrest and any resisting bumps by the 6 of us.

    Owner usually gave us a reward.

    Police never got involved after calls had been made
    once 2 officers just walked by so we continued anyway

    Claimed back 7 stolen bikes this way before suffering a cycling injury to my knee but man we used to celebrate after. LOL.

    So maybe us as a community should arrange some take backs again.

  • may be tempted to do this again if anyone else is down...

  • Raleigh Criterium Elite STOLEN from Lower Mall, Hammersmith, London (D lock and cable lock both snapped off).

    Please share as widely as possible:­ns/posts/10156169948311888

    I'm devastated and would love to get it back.

    Have reported to police and various forums.


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  • Does anyone know what the common offloading technique is for bike thieves these days, do they strip the bike down and sell the parts on Gumtree? Do they roll up to a market somewhere?

  • No idea but the police sent me a link to this site where they think stolen bikes turn up. Not sure if it was a joke tbh.

  • That’s almost exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago - NW3, not far from you. Could be the same people. my building has an underground car park with residents only access, but somehow they got in and sawed through the metal bike rack! I had 2 D locks and a Kryptonite chain but the rack was the easiest thing to cut...

  • Never, ever keep a bike in an underground car park.

    Ask me how I know...

  • Thanks, the police couldn’t even give me the right link!

  • It’s a tough lesson to learn. The bike lived in my bedroom for the last 2 years.

  • How long does the grieving last and when will I stop checking the classifieds?

  • Friend of mine had his bike taken from a 'secure' metal shed in his garden, its a Planet X RT80 with SRAM rival - pic attached. If anyone spots it pls let me know!


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  • My son is a newly installed PCSO... today, he's helping a normal copper and they've just caught a bike thief, recovered the bike and are booking him in in custody as I type!
    I've told him to help him fall down some stairs....

  • i recognise this from a few pages back.. ill do a dig

  • looks like this has been spotted for sale! see above ^^

  • My friend Anna had hers stolen in the fitzrovia area - I've forwarded the ad to her

  • Unfortunately the buyer not the thief will be the one you will probably be able to track down (edit- with bike) by purchasing something from them and going to their home address.
    Would serve them right.

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Stolen bikes

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