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  • I would get down Deptford Market, a few stolen bikes end up there

  • Will do - thanks for the advice. Also have informed all the local bike shops

  • Ah man! We've all done it, though, thought it's safe if outside and we can see it. A good reminder that there are opportunists out there.

  • Recently three bikes got stolen from a shed and other stuff. Any hints to locate them would be helpful.

    Macario Pedro Delgado 48 track bike with Mitche Primato pista and Surly 19 teeth. Considerable frame chips downtube and chainstays.
    Cannondale Synapse White Womens 48 black Rapha handlebar tape (differs from the picture)
    Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 Black Small. Two small chips under top bar
    Carradice Nelson long flap
    X2 Ortlieb city panniers red
    Sugino Messenger crank arms + black and blue 42 rings
    Philwood 17 cog

    Still suffering the shock. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • If anyone sees a ratty, blue Terry Dolan, Miche Pistard wheels, brakeless with wide Easton carbon Monkey Lite risers, stolen from our communal porch in Dalston...

    It looked a bit like this but with wide bars:

  • Anybody lost a green mercier ladies recently. Gatorskin rear tyre

  • Stolen

    Posting on behalf of Taylor. His Genesis Datum was stolen from St Marys Hospital Paddington. His girlfriend borrowed it to ride to her night shift in A&E dept.

    Genesis Datum, Medium in grey
    All non stock, Pro Vibe finishing kit
    Ultegra Di2 Hydro groupset
    Possibly has his name on the TT as it's a training bike provided by Mad-Gen

    Any info, let me or contact Taylor Gunman direct

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  • Bit of a long shot but you never know, a bike shop in Cornwall was done over at the weekend and they made off with quite a few brand new bikes. No images, just a list of the stolen bikes and footage of the thieving fuckers in action­ll-news/cctv-footage-shows-masked-thieve­s-1928972

  • Some cuntbag nicked my Kaffenback from my back garden in N17. Long shot but if anyone sees it can you let me know. Ta, Ed.

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  • Did anyone have a yellow fixed Fondriest stolen recently?
    -edit did it get posted in here?

  • Just had Specialised Tricross sport 2010 nicked from outside Arch Climbing Wall (wrapped in inner tubes, was supposed to help thieves ignore it)!
    Fulcrum quattro wheels (rear wheel with bad curb incident scratch)
    Brand new continental gator skin hardshells 25x 700c.
    Navy blue bar tape.
    Cane creek cross bar levers.
    Mat Black Pannier rack

    Culprit: by a big nosed skinny 6'2" ish bald white guy wearing white and blue Nike 95s and carrying bolt cutters in a nifty lil rucksack. (Seen the cctv which he clocks and then puts hood up LOL, bet police do nothing)


  • Yes Dalston/ Stokey/Hackney shifters/cockpits get snipped a LOT!

  • My mum had her very distinctive and colourful paint splattered Trek nicked from front garden in Bermondsey last night.

    £50 reward :)

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  • Plod has found this BLB, if it's anyone's on here­/1032945919468208128

  • Wahhh had my Cinelli Tutto stolen from outside my flat in Stoke Newington, cut through the lock overnight.
    Kind of feel like someone in my block is in on it, my old bike had an even shitter lock and survived 3 years.

    Zipp service course stem
    Fabric saddle
    Panaracer gumwall tyres

    Don't know why I bothered having a nice commuter.

    If you see it for sale can you post here or lock it? If I get it back I'll give a reward £££

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  • Got a call from the cops in Glasgow on Saturday night at 930, saying "Did you report two bikes stolen last month?" So obviously I got my hopes up that they'd found my Cadex and Kona... turns out they just wanted me to email them some photos of the bikes (which I'd offered a few times before anyway!). What a time for a phonecall!

    Hopefully they've had a haul and want to check against all the extant stolen bikes.

  • 24 hour (Shitey) Policing

  • Hi there,
    Last night I had a bike I bought last week from this forum stolen in Angel. Here is the description and picture.­17/

    Columbus Aelle frameset, re-measured as 55cm square ctc. Circa 1990, branded "Xerro 3" on one side (stickers are removable).
    The frame is made of 7 Columbus Aelle tubes, hand welded in France and is quite light. Downtube is oval / aero, which is a nice touch. The forks are cro-mo steel, made in China and are not so light.

    ◦Campagnolo Chorus threaded headset which is lovely (BSA threaded);

    ◦Shimano UN55 BB in 112mm which was new last year and is still smooth (BSA threaded);

    ◦Sachs New Success chainset with single ring bolts, 46t TA Specialities chainring;

    ◦New YBN blue chain, Atom 16t freewheel (new last year), unbranded chain tensioner;

    ◦90mm silver quill stem and bars, wrapped in new marbled cork tape;

    ◦Shimano RX100 aero brake levers with good hoods;

    ◦Sachs Rival 7000 brakeset with new Jagwire pads at the front;

    ◦Front wheel has a Mavic hub on a Rigida SHP6 rim;

    ◦Rear wheel has a Sachs New Success hub with sealed bearings on blue Ambrosio Excellence rim. Flipped the rear axle and redished the rear wheel to optimise chainline;

    ◦New Vittoria Zaffiro clincher tyres in 700 x 23mm ;

    ◦New Retro rivet saddle in yellow.

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    • 2018_08_31_16_43_05_SOLD_Bananaman_Singlespeed_55cm_Bike_Blue_and_Yellow_1990_Columbus_Aelle_.png
  • Will offer a reward if the above bike is found! thank you, people.

  • Found this grinded lock outside the Dove in Broadway Market, Sunday 3pm, with a Spesh Align helmet. Bike obviously long gone. Anyone recognise it?

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  • Out of interest how long does it take to grind through one of those kryptonite locks. Have they joined the ranks of ‘pants locks’?

  • It’s a Kryptonite Evo, a decent enough lock and with a thicker shank than my Messenger at about 10mm. I’ve cut a few locks off in my time for people, and I reckon about 30-45 seconds minimum with a decent 18v cordless grinder.

    What gets me is that it’s not exactly a subtle process. Lots of noise and sparks, people can’t help but notice. Problem is, no-one wants to get involved. Sad fact is that if someone wants your bike then there’s not a lock that will stop them if they’re determined and no-one interrupts them; not even a New Yorker or the Fahgettaboudit can resist an angle grinder.

  • Problem is, no-one wants to get involved.

    Even if you wanted to, in the case of an angle grinder it's not best to try and approach them and short of shouting to spook them, what else can you really do?

    I attempted to stop someone nicking a bike in Surrey Quays once and got punched for my trouble, it's not really advisable as the person stealing the bike is likely to have a higher propensity for violence than you do.

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Stolen bikes

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