Stolen bikes

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  • Thank you!

  • my girlfriend's bike was nicked last night, around 11pm, close to haggerston station.
    it's a pinnacle lithium identical to this, it also has a red anodized bottle cage that I added.
    she just got it, we did one ride together - on my birthday - and it was stolen the next day :(
    if you see it throw a lock on then PM me. good reward offered.

  • Mate has just had his bike knicked in soho. Took it into a drop with him. Doors not closed properly, or someone’s followed him in and took it!
    Cinelli gazetta, Thomson stem/post phil hubs to h plus sl42. Miche cranks. Brooks carbon carbium

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  • I know speaking about legal matters on here can be tricky so I'll try to keep it vague...

    I strongly suspect (99.99999%) that a person known to me has taken frames, parts, wheels etc belonging to me and sold them without my permission. (No sign of break in, no one else has access)

    Oddly someone I follow Instagram who ended up buying one of the bikes from an address just a few roads down, which I believe is where mate of the suspect lives. The bike was built up with a medley of parts belonging to me that are missing and the address also had another distinctive frame of mine sat in the garden of the address.

    I'm going to confront them personally about it first but if it can't be resolved then I guess I'll have to get plod involved. The stuff was kept in a locked shed on a property that both they, I and a couple others have access to but this is still classed as theft right?

    I wasn't emotionally attached to any of it but I imagine it was probably around £6-700 worth of stuff thats gone and would like to see at least some of it back though I'm guessing there's probably slim chance of that...

    Just want to know what leg I have to stand on regarding the law?

  • Is personal confrontation the best place to start? If you're unlucky they'll deny everything then stash the bits before the police get involved and then you've made no progress at all. It might be better to surprise them with a policeman knocking on the door. Also if the person who bought the bits is likely to be friendlier with you than the potential thief you could get them to act as a witness of sorts i.e. you say "this guy stole my parts" and the Instagram person can corroborate by saying "yes officer I bought the bits off the same guy" as hopefully the police will recover the money so he's not out of pocket

  • Perhaps you're right... I hate confrontations, I'm just worried that I'll get the "nothing we can do" response then become the criminal when I take things into my own hands.

  • I'm just worried that I'll get the "nothing we can do" response

    Hopefully you have frame numbers? That's pretty conclusive.

  • Sadly not, pretty much all the stuff was either bought off here or though eBay so have very little in the way of proof of ownership.

  • You should report this to the police. See the advice in here:­48/

    The police contact details may be out of date, I haven't updated this in a while. What has happened to you is basically burglary, forget about the fact it's bike parts for a moment. The police are generally very interested in burglary. If the person't mate (let's call him 'the fence' for now) seems fairly expert at this, he may do this regularly. The police are very interested in people regularly engaged in criminal activity, and when it comes to bike theft, fences are certainly interesting as finding them may lead to other criminals and disrupt the chain for a while. Proof of ownership is secondary for the time being. The police need enough evidence to charge someone and if there's a stash of stolen goods there's a chance something in it will be traceable. Good luck.

  • Thanks Oliver, I hadn't considered this element of it. They guy who bought my frame from 'the fence' did mention that there was lots of bikes/parts strewn around this property so you raise a valid point.

    Going back to the burglary thing, although stuff has been taken without permission my would the police consider it burglary even though when the parts where taken the person wasn't technically trespassing?

  • Ha, OK, I don't know if that's technically burglary, then, maybe 'just' theft. Ask the police. :) I'm sure they'll still be interested.

  • Indeed, thanks again.

  • My friend had his brand new (locked) Giant Contend 2 stolen from his shared hallway in SW2, thanks to a neighbour who was kind enough to buzz the thief in through the front door.

    Please PM me if anyone sees it!

  • Nephew has this stolen from his lock-up in St Reatham last night. Would be grateful if peeps see it anywhere, thanks.

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  • Hi all, My red Genesis Flyer was stolen at 6.45pm today the 10/5 on Blackfriars Road and the hooded man took off down Webber Street SE1 8HL. Very likely he lives round there and will use it again if it's not sold on. Please keep an eye out and remind the hoodie I will find him as I have him on CCTV.

  • I can see oliver rocking out to this. Head motion like a woodpecker, ponytail bouncing around, air guitar face on.

    No I can’t

  • Gah. Handlebars and ultegra shifters nicked off my tourer in Bloomsbury. Cunts cut my Dynamo USB charger cable too. No expectation of getting them back but have to rant somewhere

  • That's rubbish. Where in Bloomsbury?

  • Tavistock place. Bike racks outside Waterstones. Most irritating thing is I can see the bike from my office window and I didnt notice. Must have been in a meeting or something.

  • Handlebar theft is endemic in north London. I get at least one a week coming to me in N16. There’s one guy in particular who’s doing it to order. If I see him I’ll bolt-crop his fucking fingers off.

  • Hi, stolen Thursday 10th May in Herne Hill (Norwood Road) by a group on mopeds. They headed down Rosendale Road, last seen in the Peabody Estate area.

    Giant Defy 2 (2017) M/L size. Garmin with handlebar mount. Selle Italia saddle and SPDs.

    Please PM with info

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  • Was this a mugging? I’ve recently heard of a couple of incidents in SE with opportunists on mopeds taking bikes. Apparently someone fixing a puncture was targeted, and there was another theft from outside a cafe (not locked up and unattended)

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Stolen bikes

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