Stolen bikes

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  • We can't have nice things in London.

    BMC Road Racer SL01
    Fulcrum R5's
    Ultegra groupset except for the left shifter which is 105
    Fizik Saddle
    Look KEO pedals

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  • Yesterday at the same time as the above near Seven Sisters N15 on Sunday.

    Reward possible for this one.

    Colnago C40, 56cm
    Campagnolo Record
    Mavic Ksryium wheelset on Conti's
    Cinelli Bars with yellow tape

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  • Was the C40 locked up on the street? If yes, what locks?

  • Yes, street, not even for that long. Hiplok & Kryptonite Dlock, nothing left behind.

    Had a Planet X taken last year near Kings Cross during a 1.5hr meal in a restaurant. Also locked with silver rated lock I think..

  • SOrry for the cross post but:

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    2 bikes stolen from our communal garden in brixton just off Acre Lane yesterday. They were taken from a garden shared with the 5 flats in the building which is gated so i'm not sure how they got in, unless the gate was left open? I'm also unsure of if we've got any rights insurance wise? the allez is prety common unfortunately but the langster not so much (The langster had been changed to flat bars with wrapped tape as well, which is pretty uncommon).
    specialized allez (i think 2015) black white red all stock parts. size 58
    specialized langster black/grey (not sure of the year? 2014? it's got the shaped tubing so i think it's one of the slightly newer ones but please correct me) Size 56
    both bought second hand

    (having some trouble embedding photos sorry)
    Please keep an eye out; brixton, clapham etc. my housemates are gutted! @Kieran_Ferguson_PC_2224T

  • Stolen SW London, any help most appreciated

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  • My GT was stolen in the last couple of days from where it was locked in Hackney.
    It was in the bike park of a friends apartment. They have sawn through the NY Fahg lock.

    If anyone sees it then let me know. :'(

  • This is the best photo I have of it built up.

    Sorry @hoops

  • Oh man. Good luck finding it, it's pretty distinctive at least

  • how did they saw through the nyfag?

  • It was locked in the bike park where the bins are - I assume someone didn't lock the keypad when leaving, they've gone in and seen my bike and then got an angle grinder or something to remove it. I hacksaw wouldn't seem likely. I've not seen it yet as it's at a friends place, I'd locked it there and then had to fly to the states for work hadn't been able to get there in between. Was going to pick it up this arvo. Sill of me to have left it there - I just thought with that lock and somewhere secure it would be ok.

  • Gutted to hear that man. Hopefully it will show up. Will share on my IG.

    Please don't ever leave fancy bikes locked up in random places for longe periods of time again!

  • My bike got stolen on Friday, the 24/03/17 on the corner of Newman St and Eastcastle St (outside the pub, Blue Posts) around 23:00. If you see it call me on 07566225350 and if you can, lock it up.

    Messfam decals on the top tube, Save Keirin sticker just above it and a Throwaway sticker on the headtube (where the badge would be).

    Very pink, very distinctive.

    Components are - Big ol' 42C Sport Contacts, Shimano XT throughout except for SRAM Rival cranks with a narrow wide chainring. Superstar wheelset, Fizik saddle, Thomson finishing kit and carbon Easton risers.

    Thank you.

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  • Say it ain't so, Joe!

    Will keep them peeled.

  • Some fuckers stole my friend's new bike from Rotherhithe station last night (between 6-11pm).

    If you happen to see it or see it on sale, do let us know please!

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  • Dat yours?

  • Had my single speed stolen on Friday 24/03 between 9-5 from outside Inn The Park the Cafe in St James's Park. Please see picture attached. If anyone is around brick lane market this weekend I would really appreciate a lookout! It has continental gatorskin tyres (black) and odd colour brake levers (one silver one black). Thanks.

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  • I think they pictured theirs up thread

  • stolen SUBROSA fixie give me a shout if you spot it

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  • I had my sweet fixy nicked off the roof of my boat in markfield park last night. Forum bike of old frame came from NY via Nhatt ages ago. It's a smallish red 'continuum' with risers a stripped flute and an open pro wheel set. I'll get some pics up if I can find them in a moment. Gits!

  • Defaced 'gash' stickers on the seat stays

  • Will have to resurrect laptop to find a photo of mine but it's this frame:

  • Cross-posting from the touring thread, my girlfriend's little 1970's Mercian vanished on the Eurostar between London and Paris, posting here in case it turns up London-side. Campag gear (rear mech Nuevo Record if memory serves), Brooks saddle, small yellow Carradice bag under saddle, gold cables, smallest size stem stamped GB - pictures attached. A bike that has had a lot of time and love spent on it, please do get in touch if you see it.

    Will update the post with better details when back home with the paperwork. Still holding out some small hope Eurodespatch discovers it in the meantime. They are being helpful as they can at the London end, but it does not look good. When we reach a conclusion we'll let you know here if there is any useful advice or information to impart. Cheers, M

    Edit in response to Oliver: You are right, admin error or theft elsewhere are possibilities, but from what we've learned from a (genuinely) helpful Eurodespatch contact here, it's looking pretty bad. Depending on where we end up, I'll update the Eurostar or Theft thread if appropriate and helpful to others.

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  • 2 years late to the party but nonetheless somehow chanced upon the picture of that Condor. It was mine once, a real rat build from everything cheap in the parts bin. I only bought it originally for a couple of crecord bits it had on it. I sold it to a guy who buys and sells and guess it must be him selling it here in the picture.
    It is legit unless it was nicked from the guy I sold it to. Decals were put on by me to cover up the multitude of paint chips. Original yellow condor decals are still underneath.

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  • Bumping the Mercian post above for some more details on the build; sadly not found, and we're struggling to find the frame number (lesson learned there) - ended "74".

    Forgive a crude copy and paste from my girlfriend's email:-

    all GB stem, GB champion du monde handlebars with yellow Bennoto tape, Campagnolo Super Record brake levers with holes (so pretty), Campagnolo friction shifters beautifully polished, with its clamp in a symmetric pyramid shape, the yellow Carradice saddle bag (limited edition), Brooks saddle (honey colour) pro women with copper, the yellow item that holds the brake cables together (that Graham found for me), the superb Campagnolo brakes with black end triangle tips, Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear mech, Campagnolo front mech (the one with 2 or 3 holes), 165 Campagnolo crankset with dust cap (super rare), 42-52 Campagnolo chainring, Campagnolo seatpost (not the one with the vertical lines forged into it, the plain one), Campagnolo headseat, and Campagnolo seat bolt, Campagnolo bottom bracket, mavic 36x36 rims with campag skewers and hubs (the ones with the black rubber thing in the middle).

    Also, the brake bridge was lowered to fit the snappy brakes. Just discovered a photo with her with it on the Mercian website from L'Eroica Britannia, though it is a little out of date (pre-respray and brake bridge adjustment, I think).

    Again, please pm if you see anything

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Stolen bikes

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