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  • ...wait, is @eyebrows stealing bikes?

  • He was wearing a pretty grotty tracksuit with trainers walking/riding the bike on the pavement without cleats. To me that's suspicious, I could be wrong but thought I should report it if not

  • Was it Kris?

  • Not sure where else to post this really. I just passed a guy in peckham with a white isaac TT bike, possibly pro tri spoke wheels? I asked him what kind of frame it was and he said an old giant, clearly had no idea. Took a turning and couldn't get any decent pics.

  • If it's the guy who hangs around the hairdressers I'm fairly sure it's his. He has an impressive stable of about 5 high end bikes and he's been riding them round there for years. Think he just has a penchant for expensive bikes without having a clue. If he was a thief he'd have sold them on long ago.

  • Let's hope you're right. Definitely looked expensive

  • My new bike was sadly stolen from inside my work today in Fulham.

    Someone managed to get in and steal it from the entrance while we were working upstairs.

    The bike is a Cannondale (1990-1996), Black/Purple/Yellow. Only purchase a couple of weeks ago and not even ridden yet. Very sad.

    Shimano RX100/R600/Sora Gear, Derailleur, Shifters etc.

    Size is 55/56cm.

    If anyone sees it please do let me know. I'd love to have it back.

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  • Anyone missing a Canyon road bike (looks like the aluminium bike with black and red paint job, probably last years model)

    Some kids carrying this bike at the end of commercial street last night, (probably going to end up in the market this weekend)

  • If anybody comes across a dodgy-seeming GITANE CHAMPION DU MONDE do please drop me a line. My not-genius daughter left it overnight in the Bike Hub place next to Peckham Rye station ('I locked it by the frame....Or the wheel...It was definitely locked').
    It's the regular blue colourway, not especially fancy parts (I can't even remember, mid-80's campy I think), horrible 'OffRoad' saddle. Worn blue cloth tape. Small size. Like 48 or 50.
    I'm sure it's long gone. But given its age I thought it might not be on whatever regular route stolen bikes take.

  • Anyone lost an original poo-brown Langster with black / white bartape? PM me.

  • If anyone comes across this ladies Peugeot could you give me a shout, it was stolen from outside the Old Blue Last on Thursday.

    It has a broken rear mudguard and some shockingly busted up handle bar tape. Looks like a bit of an unlove beater but my misses is gutted.


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  • Hi Everyone,

    Sadly my beautiful Bianchi (assembled by me) was stolen outside the Maida Vale Tesco Petrol Station last Thursday 22nd October 2015.

    Its a celeste green Bianchi frame, with Tommasini AIR forks in a stunning chrome finish. Aero handlebars, vintage San Marco Saddle, Campagnolo Khamsin wheels, and a full campag groupset.
    the pedals are the type for using normal shoes one side, and SPDs the other. Everything is black other than the frame and forks.

    If anyone has seen this bike, or knows a way of finding it I would be forever grateful. Missing my ride.

    Thank you very much,


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  • Hey everyone, had my Raleigh Gran Tour bike stolen from my home in Elephant & Castle yesterday around midnight. The bastards came through the window and left out the front door with laptops and all! Please could you keep an eye out for it? The seat is pretty much the only unique thing about it!
    Contact deets are:

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  • Long shot but my mate has had his black Langster stolen outside The Haggerston pub last night.

    he loves this bike to bits - just look how happy he is! goddam thieves!@£$

    Note the brown bar tape, rear reflector...

    will be checking the standard sunday morning places but report any sightings to 07908 191 442

    Muchas graçias

  • My dearly loved Specialised Langster (black with beige handlebars) was stolen from outside the Haggerston Pub in North East London last night. It's been tagged by Police so should be traceable straight back to me. I've cycled countless miles on it over the past 10 years and it has done me proud. Any information would be massively appreciated

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  • After two weeks finally had an email back from the insurance company...

    1. Please provide evidence of the bike locked to the rack - a photograph will do.
    2. Please describe how and at what time the bike was stolen. Is there anything you can think of that you could have done to stop it being stolen.

    After filling in the documentation why are these questions not on it. Also how do you answer them. Have a feeling they aren't going to pay out.

  • So that's why my gf has loads of pictures of her bike locked up.

  • Just found this on Bonhill Street. New today.
    Hoping not someone here, basically asking to be stolen locked like this!

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  • Just got an email to same my claim has been accepted and that I can have a credit note for Evans or Cycle Surgery. About £200 less then the overall cost of the bike plus all the bits that I bought.

    Happy with that, still gutted about the bike.

    So I can't spend the voucher on bikes which are in the sale, which limits my options. What other bike website should I look at?

  • So I can't spend the voucher on bikes which are in the sale

    Ask them why and offer to pay a bit more cash on top and see what they say. If you can still get a good deal taking this into account then it's worth it.

    I did similar to cover the cost of a cycle2work scheme voucher (where the bike shop only sees 90% of the voucher price). They wouldn't let me buy a sale bike (25% off) so I offered them an extra £150 (it was a £1500 voucher) which made it no different to someone coming in and paying with cash. Bingo.

  • Good tip, thanks

  • Had my Orbea Due a10 stolen last night from Grosvenor Avenue, N5. It's all black, gold Miche hubs, Deda stem, Deda Dabar bullhorns & with tape, a Garmin forerunner 310xt mounted on the handle bars, exposure trace lights from and back, with a lion hanging underneath the saddle and Tannus solid tryes. Any information greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  • Question why I could use the voucher on sales, no real response but got an email from them to day to say that they were doing a BACS payment straight to my account.


    Now what to buy, thinking a SS/Fixie and a cheap disc road bike.

  • My friends bike was stolen in wandsworth, huge sentimental value. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Stolen bikes

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