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  • My Stolen bike was returned to me, last night. I'm lucky! from what I understand there are something like 300 stolen bike sat in Kings Cross Police station and a new team has been set up to try and get them back to their owners.

    Mine was stolen on 9th of December, ridden 2 Miles from my house and abandoned on a housing estate. The police picked it up that night. It sat in kings cross for like 6 weeks. I think I was fairly lucky as it was a fairly distinctive Neil Orrell so they linked it to the police report.

    Good luck to finding your bikes everyone.

  • csb. Look forward to spot you on Drayton Park again!

  • Hi,
    I had my yellow Harry Hall stolen from se26. I know it's a long shot. Please email me if anyone see it.
    Thank you.­990-harry-hall-in-columbus-slx/

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  • My commuter just got stolen this morning in front of my door, The Hague, The Netherlands (thief cut through two heavy duty locks)

    Build details here:­sini-ux-1-commuter-19758

    Bit of a long shot on a London based forum but I really want it back! If you see it on the street or the marketplace, let me know!

  • my friend's family bike has been stolen. Please pm or call him if you see it. Thanks in advance

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  • Felixstowe plod might be able to help with a few stolen rides.

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  • Stolen last night in front of Peckham Movie Multiplex between 830 and 11 pm. Mielec custom frame zipp bullhorns miche xpress wheels. Just finished it on the dayof steal. A 3 month project. Black and stealthy. No decals on the frame and carbon forks.

    Sad day.

  • ^sorry to hear that mate. Fucking awful feeling. I'll have a lookout, I'm down south a bit. Can let mate know who lives in Peckham.

    Maybe worth having a look at bikeshd online and maybe shoreditch markets at the weekend.

    Out of interest, how did you have it locked? I've always wondered about locking up around Camberwell/peckham for any amount of time. Especially the cinema, thieves know they have time...

    Despite having grown up in the area always feel really paranoid locking up there. 2 locks scenario.

  • That's gutting, bad luck pal.

    Also interested in how it was locked as I'm round that way a lot and leave my bike locked up there from time to time.

    Will keep an eye out for it too.

  • Chain lock around front wheel and frame on the first bike mount in front of the cinema. Was found cut on the pavement after the film. Such a personal thing. I know all the parts and dimensions by heart.

  • Wish people would post what brand/type locks they were using.

  • Posted on behalf of a friend.

    Friends. Both mine and my partners bikes have been stolen from our flat in Camberwell. I am still in NY for another 10days so cant hunt the usual stolen bike markets. If you know us, you'll most likely know our bikes and their irreplaceability. They are not off the peg, but have been built by myself and should be easy to spot. Verity's is a silver Fuji Feather, FSA track cranks, Paul break levers, Shimano SPD clipless pedals and black Fizik saddle. Mine is a 1990's blue CBT Italia (quite rare), the dropouts have been cold set to 120mm, so identifiable, Nitto RB021 bars, Nitto Pearl stem, Charge spoon titanium saddle, On-One track wheel-set, Suntour GPX cranks, Shimano SPD white clipless pedals.
    I am under no illusions that we will get these back, but I suppose we must try. Please share with any other bike minded people and keep an eye out. Thanks.

    If you see something similar lemme know - I've asked for pics

  • Have we had this yet?

    The singlespeed Parlee stolen last year, that has now been recovered in Spain.

  • A clubmate had three cannondales nicked last night in the Windsor area, if you see any of them knocking about or being advertised please PM me.

    Cannondale F29 Carbon 1 with Enves
    Cannondale Black Inc Rotor cranks/rings, USE aero post and Gold brakes
    Cannondale F29 Alloy 2 Red BOR rims, USE post

    All bikes have ovalised chainrings, and a few upgrades, but are mostly as per the pictures attached...

    He's also just discovered that a set of Enve 45s on Gold Chris King hubs have gone too :(

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    Mental! I actually know that bike. But when I saw it it had drops and hoods.

  • Saw that on Facebook earlier, depressing - I will try to keep an eye out in Reading, wouldn't be surprised if they made their way out that way.

  • Might be innocent, but this just looks like a rushed and sketchy ad to me­ike-%C2%A3100-/1100468562

  • Anyone lost a colnago world cup?

  • stolen light blue RIH singlespeed.

  • I'll keep an eye out for those.

  • Someone with more police acumen than me please report this Brary Poppins­113?page=1

  • Moving out of Manchester, Brighton AND London, back to Scotland? So obvious, must be thick.

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Stolen bikes

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