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  • Think it's usually six weeks but you have to take it into the station and leave it as evidence

  • Think it's usually six weeks but you have to take it into the station and leave it as evidence

    Isn't it only evidence if its stolen ? For all i know it might have not even been reported stolen. Id like to think if it had been reported stolen they would have contacted me within 2 days. Having said that maybe not i caught some trying walk out of my back garden with my bike. punched him through the fence after asking him to drop the bike then put an arm bar on him and shouted my old dear the call the plod. 45 mins later im still holding said thief in arm bar in my neighbors garden luckily he come home from duty as he was special at the time. so i borrowed his cuffs. an hour after the original 999 call the plod turned up very surprised to see someone cuffed awaiting arrest. When this copper asks him what he knows about the bike lying on the floor the cheeky fucker says he never seen it before in his life. Well he got found guilty and got a community rehabilitation order whatever one of those is. I should of just given him a few slaps myself would of been quicker

  • Um, if it wasn't stolen, what are the alternatives? I can think of two

    1. Somebody abandoned it. This seems very unlikely.
    2. Somebody placed it there, intending to come back for it. Now they can't find it, because you took it away.

    If option 2 is the case, then you taking it away and telling the police was a good thing, because you prevented it from being stolen. However, I'm a little uncomfortable if you are now leaning towards "How long before I get to keep it?".

  • I think its a perfectly legitimate question you would have to be a very strange person to leave your bike unlocked in an alley next to the estate i was on .Also apart from calling the police i has asked online on local forums asking if anyone is missing a bike. So are you saying should keep it stored indefinitely until i can find the owner ? or are you saying i am a tosser for removing it from a place it would of been stolen from within an hour. I only ask how long till it becomes mine because of the complete lack of interest anyone has shown in claiming ownership. Also i have enough old shit of my own in the garage to do with bikes without somebody elses that i have to constantly keep moving out of the way to get to something

  • Provided you have taken reasonable steps to find the owner (of which informing the police probably counts), subject to whatever lost & found policy the police have, you will doubtfully get into any trouble holding onto the bike*.

    The bike would still be the owners though - they could still ask for it back next year.

    I'm sure there's a test for reasonableness though - After how long could you reasonably assume that the bike had been abandoned. There's no stated rule or strong precedent, as far as know.

    • I'm not a lawyer. Anyone taking this sort of advice to heart from an internet stranger should probably just hand themselves into a police station now and ask for a shoeing,
  • Just got back from stokey police station. Lots of rusty bangers, didn't find mine.

    One of note was a white orlowski frame with rainbow UCI stripes, Thompson seat post and a metallic blue rimmed rear wheel.

  • Very sad to say my Parlee was taken out of my flat's front hall on Friday (on Upper Street, Islington). It's bit of a one-of-a-kind so really hoping it will turn up somewhere. If everyone could keep an eye out it would be much appreciated!


    Parlee Z1 frame with horizontal (track) dropouts and unbranded Enve Road Forks. Chris King black 'sotto voce' headset. Ritchey carbon seatpost / stubby (seatpost is integrated into the frame). Gates Carbon Belt drive with Sram Red BB30 cranks. Planet X Stem with some Chinese Carbon bullhorn bars. The down tube logos are Parlee, in sliver/ghost paint, and are very subtle. In addition to this, there is a P logo on the headtube, and also the ‘Lightweight’ logo painted inside both frame legs, and also on the inside of the chainstays. Wheels are MACK track hubs laces onto Stan's rims.­=2181&pictureid=16572

  • Any further specifics? Colours etc and any usual spec changes.

    Also were they locked at all, it's useful for us all to know which locks are vulnerable


    The Road Speed L had a non-stock Mavic front wheel which was slightly buckled. It was a light yellow colour. Beige suede seat also non-stock.

    The Mongoose was essentially a beater. No break shoes. Pretty knackered wheels. Generally in crap condition all round.

    They were locked together, but stupidly, not to anything. The lock was an Asus D-Lock, but this wouldn't really make any odds as they weren't locked to anything (The assholes broke through the gate and round the back)

  • So are you saying should keep it stored indefinitely until i can find the owner ? or are you saying i am a tosser for removing it from a place it would of been stolen from within an hour.

    Definitely did the right thing. Except for where you wrote "would of" instead of 'would have'.

  • Has anyone ever recovered a stolen bike through social media?

  • In regards to the 'evidence' question.

    If you want to (eventually) claim something as yours you first have to take it to the copshop, tell them you found it (and details of where and when) and that you think it is abandoned or stolen or whatever. They take it onto evidence to allow the time (pretty sure it was either 6 or 12 weeks) for the original owner to report it stolen and come and claim it. Then you will get a call saying you can come and get it (with a clear conscience).

    Had to go through the whole rigmarole when my brother found a bag of about 120 diamonds in Hatton Garden. He emigrated to NZ and left them with me to take to the police. took them to Islington cop shop. waited 6 weeks (or whatever) and then went and collected them.

  • Has anyone ever recovered a stolen bike through social media?


  • My girlfriend's brother had his Boardman Comp Hybrid stolen from West Hampstead the other night. It is white, was a bit dirty at the time and had lights on it (F/R). It's a L frame, but other than that there are no bespoke features.

    I know its a tough one - thieves love bikes like these cos they're relatively anonymous, but if anyone sees anything please message me.


  • Stolen from bike shed near Whittington Hospital:

    700c front wheel -
    Mavic A719 rim black (zero rim wear),
    black Shimano XT centrelock disc brake hub
    Hayes disc rotor with 6hole to centrelock converter.
    Black XT quick release
    Continental City contact 2 tyre 37mm (quite new) not the one in the picture.

    Colleague had Canonndale CAD 700 full sus mtb bike stolen too. V dark green colour.

    Alas can't get to brick lane this w/e, but would really appreciate a shout if these are spotted. Cheers

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  • Stolen last night in Harrow road purple and silver stickers but early 90s Carrera .most duel front wheel .105chain set h+son rear wheel . Cinelli tempo bars and cinelli stem . Bio active saddle .was very securely locket but they cut railing instead of locks

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  • Friend had his Cube Peloton Race 2013 stolen from his garage in Sydenham yesterday. Not sure of size but probably close to a 60cm frame. Fairly stock except it has a 3T stem, red and black colour way.

    check out a picture here.­10152158405116143&set=o.378895138808970&­type=1

  • I never heard about it... Mine was stolen and just relied on the police to get it back... mistake!

  • So my bikes turned up in survey quays any advice or help on getting back as I can't get over that way today please call me on 07956286943

  • nocar, I think you need to provide a little more context, so people know what kind of help you need. Is the bike now in the possession of somebody (friend, police) who will be keeping hold of it till it is picked up, or is it just abandoned in a street (spotted and reported to you) and you want somebody to go get it and hold it for you until you can get free?

  • Hi I'm trying to contact seller now have reported to police hopefully they will go collect it the insult is it's for sale for £60

  • You might actually want to take that link down. The seller is either the thief or somebody who knows they have stolen goods. If they see the link is up, they may take that sale down and just hide or get rid of the bike.

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Stolen bikes

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