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  • Sometime between 11pm last night and 7am this morning, some scumbags managed to get into the communal area behind my flat and took all of the bikes they could from the bike-sheds in the 'secure' yard area at the back. This includes my own beloved Brian Rourke which has been safely carrying me around London for 4 years now.

    531 steel bright orange fixed gear, with chop-and-flop bars, blue bar tape, dirty harry bmx brake levers, blue velocity deep-v on the back and a mavic kysrium on the front. Built up with campag headset and BB, and egg-beater pedals (the drive side one is stuck, so I hope that the theives rag their knuckles something terrible trying to get that off).

    Here's a picture of the bike during happier times in LFGSS's very own BTOTB:

    If you do see it (and let's be honest, there aren't many BR framesets with this kind of 'distinctive' colour), please clothesline whichever fucker is riding it and I will reward you handsomely

    Pretty sure I saw my old bike pulling out of the junction of Kightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner as I rode home at about 19.30. The orange paintwork and blue rim looked in tact and ridden by some nodder-type with one of those Bern helmets on.

    Annoyingly I was still in Hyde Park and got caught behind the lights - with the busy evening traffic I couldn't filter through and lost sight of the bike before I could get onto the junction to chase. Deeply frustrating!

  • please PM me the video, thanks.

    Sorry mate just had a look and camera didn't capture as much as I thought it would have, not good enough to identify bike or rider tbh.

    Must remember to find a reason to point directly at them in future..

  • Annoyingly I was still in Hyde Park and got caught behind the lights - with the busy evening traffic I couldn't filter through and lost sight of the bike before I could get onto the junction to chase. Deeply frustrating!

    I'm often around that way in the evening - I'll keep an eye out for it.

  • I bought this for a friend off the forum a few months back, His house got burgled last night and the bike was stolen amongst other things. In the north London area of Edmonton not sure what the post code is.

    The original thread and details of the bike. still looks the same.

    Please contact me via pm.

  • My beautiful Look Jalabert KG 381 was stolen from INSIDE my house last night, thieves obviously had had on eye on it and broke in sometime early this morning.­898/IMG_5232.JPG

    only difference from this pic is a new seatpost - thompson elite

    please keep an eye out!
    my number is 07864192501


  • Where are you based? Proper gutting man.

  • From inside the house! That is so harsh.

  • My bike, which I have just used to cycle 20,000 miles around the world for charity (raising over £12,000 for WaterAid) has been stolen from the gated courtyard outside my house where it was locked.

    It's a pretty unique bike with some very specialist components. It is a black Koga Signature World Traveller with a Rohloff hub, Gates belt drive (so NO chain), and my name (Zac Clayton) on the frame in big letters.

    This bike has shared some unbelievable memories with me - crossing deserts in Iran, mountains in China; I could go on and on. If anyone can help me be reunited with it I would be incredibly grateful.

    Picture attached.­83896643340222465/photo/1

  • I hate this thread.

  • I hope you get it back soon zac.

  • That really sucks. So sorry for you. Have retweeted, but my follower count is pitiful. Hope you get it back soon. On a different topic - why belt drive rather than real world metal for this trip?

  • Terrible, just terrible... all the money in the world could't possibly buy a replacement. Hope you get it back.

  • Why anyone would take that is beyond me! It's so bespoke that it can't possibly be of use to them! I hope it's uniqueness helps in finding it.

  • I know for sure that loads of these bikes are being sold for peanuts to guys sending containers full abroad. There's a container yard off ferry lane with guys who buy bikes no questions asked. All it would take is for the police to pop down there and run a few serial numbers through the system and i'm sure plenty of people would be reunited with their bikes. There's also a scrap yard nearby who do the same, sending them to eastern europe, they even offered me pennies for the nearly new Giant MTB I was riding when I asked about buying some scrap wheels, probably assuming it was stolen and I'd sell it cheap.

    There is no winning against these scum, who steal bikes, and those who buy them to send abroad.

    EDIT: I'm not in any way implying I have anything against people who export stuff, just the ones who buy bikes without checking if they are nicked, and they almost always are (who sells legit bikes for £10-£15? which is what they offer)

    PM me the details and address and I will look into it gladly.

  • Sad news today, 6 bikes stolen from the communal area of our flat as well as some other junk that was lying around!!! Including my bespoke Mercian track!

    It was Pearl White, with a few paint chips in the centre of the top tube. Modern Mercian decal. Miche chainset, Silver velocity wheels. Nothing special, but the frame was a peach. Made just for me.

    If anyone sees it please, please, please let me know :-( x

  • email me a jonathan.entwistle[at] if anyone sees anything

  • Have you put this in the stolen bike thread? It will likely get more views.

  • Also what area's your flat?

  • The fuckers. Sorry to hear that.

  • sad news. More details would help

  • Flat is in Hackney Central, E8. How do I put it into Stolen Bike thread once it's been posted..... Sorry, been ages since I used the forum :-

    I've got some hopeful CCTV leads though!

  • just post what you have posted pluse details in this thread.

    also check this

  • I spotted 2 susspicious bikes on seperate occations recently, both in E17.

    A purple Dawes Mountain bike SS, rattle-canned silver, dodgy pissed up bloke scraping the wheels of the kerbs while walking it down Hoe Street.

    Second - A purple Ciocc road bike, very tidy looking bike, saddle was lowered as much as possible and being ridden by a chav goon alla a BMX, Boundary road.

    Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Stolen bikes

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