Stolen bikes

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  • recently had a mtb nicked in west london, very recognisable, must be the only one remotely like it, it's a 18 year old Pace RC100 i have had for 14 years, been a single speed since then, any one see some fucker on it, do what ever you want...

    only it's wearing eggbeaters now

  • Damn, that's a sweet bike. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    Was it stolen this week? If so, Brick Lane this Sunday for you.

    PS: I've renamed the thread so that all stolen bikes can go in here. Hopefully this will mean that when new ones are added, we see the old ones and it helps remind us of other bikes to watch out for. I'll sticky the thread if it (unfortunately) takes off.

  • na man two weeks ago,just some chancer, i hope........the worst thing is , it's probably swapped hands for a few bits of blow.

    p.s. should be a stickie

  • just putting it back at the top so you don't forget what it looks like ;^)

  • A prolific thief who pilfered bikes from cycle racks across the railway network is banned from travelling on trains in the areas he targeted most.
    Daniel Westrop, a 27-year-old labourer from Bromley, received an Asbo and a five month suspended jail term when he appeared at Woking Magistrates Court on Friday.
    He was charged with 10 counts of theft of bikes and 92 offences were taken into consideration.


  • yeah, read that, bloke is a total "wanker"

  • I can't believe he didn't get any real jail time. The guy was a professional thief, stealing bikes for three years. Yet with over a 100 offences taken into consideration, albeit only 10 charged for, the judge gave him an ASBO, some community service and a suspended sentence. Piff. They seemed most proud for banning him from the trains.

  • Which is slightly ironic as it will mean he will have MORE need for stolen bikes, not being able to use trains now!

  • the fat fuck probably never left his borough

  • 31trum(murtle) just putting it back at the top so you don't forget what it looks like ;^)

    Noted. Maybe if you asked velocity boy nicely, he could sticky this for you?

  • have done

  • Hi all - had my singlespeed nicked from outside my flat in early June - had just spent lots on it, so was royally pissed - West London - Askew Rd. Haven't got any pics - but here's the specs - (I, of course, know every nut and bolt on there!)
    V.large 20" unbranded plain alloy mountain bike frame using a hacked up rear Derr. chain tensioner. Black gaffer tape around main frame-tubes. Black steel forks (slight backwards bend).
    NEW Fat slick tyres – ‘Schwalbe Big Apple’. Front wheel – silver rim + spokes (Wolber titanium light on old Deore).
    NEW Rear wheel - 35mm WHITE PlanetX rim + BLACK spokes in 2x SNOWFLAKE with two 16t BMX sprockets on a BLACK On-One flip flop hub (really skinny Triple-butted spokes)
    Handlebars – champagne colour Azonic flats with silver levers, black/green Lock-on grips and scratched black stubby barends NEW black Kore logo stem. NEW On-one logo saddle – high up! 44t Black Raceface chainring on Shimano Deore hollowlight cranks. MKS CT-Lite pedals with MT Zefal clips + straps

    The most standout parts are the bent forks & rear wheel - seriously mutant - theres no other like it!
    Went to Brick Lane 2 weekends running but no luck.... some crack head probably sold it for a score..
    Damn I wish I could draw it for you! Cheers,

  • sorry to hear that man, i pass around there all the time i'll keep my eyes peeled

  • Cheers - same here theres lots of people on (stolen?) bikes in Bush

    • and that Pace is definately one-of-a-kind!

    Where was it nicked from? Ealing / acton?

    p.s. thanks for the stickie velocity boy!

  • west ealing/hanwell
    and thanks for the stickie velocity boy

  • sorry to hear about your bike provenrad - that's a real bummer. that back wheel sounds pretty distinctive - I wonder if the thieves are smart enough to spot unusual looking parts and swap them out for something more conventional? I'll look out for it anyway.

    I wish I could draw it for you

    The police should have composite artists for bikes ... you know, 'wheels a little closer together,
    moustache handlebars..'

    don't give up on brick lane though - if at least one person goes in the morning and then pops into one the internet cafes at the top of the lane, he/she can let us all know what suspicious looking bikes there.

  • there has been a biek that i saw the frist week at polo locked up outside my house... i forget whos it was, i think they watched but did not play its a baclk easy step singel speed with mustache bars and yellow and black tyres... let me know if its been knicked and ill throw my d-lock on it un till i find out whos rideing it... we do have local bike thives that hang out on the street

    some bloke who works with me, but is considerably higher up than me so i bite my tongue,
    was ranting on about how stealing bikes happens so much because expensive bikes are really
    light and when they are locked thieves can just pick them up and walk off with them!
    i really wanted to state how it is just absolutely lepers who lock their wheel to frame and nothing else
    then trot off.
    he stated this about 5 times and i was shaking with rage.

  • Freelocking. I do it now and then if the bike is in sight or at work where it's buried inside another building.
    Why bite your tongue - doesn't that hurt?

  • you should have calmly corrected him,
    knowledge is to be shared like a big lovely cake

  • i don't share my food but i agree

  • "No Kitty! That's my pot pie!"

  • Had my condor pista fixed wheel stolen on Sunday 8 july 2007 from Great Eastern street shorditch London. It is cream with brown lettering brown brooks leather tape, and a big chip in the top bar of the frame. If anyone see it or gets hold of it i will pay a reward

    Sam Dormer


  • Yo guys, I know this was late last year but I had this old English nugget stolen from underneath my nose on the Lower Clapton Road. Early Novemberish, while i was buying some bananas at my local...15 seconds looking the other way and...WOOSH. To this day I have no idea where she maybe and i feel like a mupp. Many a sad Sunday down Bricklane, no joy. She was my bread and butter, working this death town on a daily messenging all over the shop. The week before she went missing we both survived, a total deck at the hands of some Cabbie w***er on Oxford St. God Blessed us...aah those were the days.
    Have any of you seen my giant orange SID MOTTRAM???????????????????????????

  • damn she was pretty

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Stolen bikes

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