Critical Mass - April 2007

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  • i don't mean to start beef (or do i?) but why do you go to CM? If you have a particular problem with vehicles not affording you respect on the road then perhaps there is reason to protest...if it's a reason to link up with fellow riders then isn't it kind of selfish to do it in the middle of London rush hour where there is the most congested traffic? It seemed to piss off quite a few motorists last time i went.

    I mean, it started in the united states and i think they have more cause for it, because of their 'car culture', do you reckon we have the same problem is London?

  • i guess it's still a good thing if people don't stick around for ages in busy junctions. that does piss me off. it doesn't really promote the fact that cycling is the best form of transport when you just stick around getting in everyone's way. i might not go to the next one because of this. really, this CM has been boring.

    i'd say it's not really 'car culture' in the states, but macroscopically there are indeed too many cars on this planet than we ever need, and way too many of them guzzling too much fuel than anyone ever needs (4x4's? fcuk them all!). so i'd say it's a universal call. but then at the same time this is why stopping at CM pisses me off. cars waiting without turning their keys off = wasting fuel + more pollution than they would have caused if their journey wasn't disrupted. it's unrealistic to think that all cars should disappear so i think these are things to keep in mind. everyone goes to CM for their own reasons but i would say people should think about why they are there in the first place instead of selfish reasons.

  • CM is the only time you will not feel vulnerable as a cyclist on London's roads, that is why I go.

    As for the motorists who routinely imperil my life having to wait a bit longer once a month whilst I have a carefree cycle in town, fuck them.

  • i love the carnival / party atmosphere of cm, i just couldn't stop myself smiling every time i saw that old timer on his bikes with stereo blasting out punk and hardcore dance tracks, who does the mix tape for him ? fridays ride was nice nice bikes nice people lots of friendly faces and nowadays lots of familiar ones but then the old street roundabout happened and charing x and shaftesbury ( which is where i left ) i believe in critical mass once a month doesn't upset drivers too much and the fact is the drivers are pretty much sitting there in their own traffic jams day after day why shouldn't we be allowed to make a little jam once in a while , some people do take the cause too far, intentionally winding people up getting into arguements that is what i don't like, but as a protest and a well organised / established group of people promoting the use of bikes / alternative transport all i can say is MORE BIKES LESS CARS ( fewer cars !! ) long may it continue

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Critical Mass - April 2007

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