Critical Mass - April 2007

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  • Anyone coming out this Friday?

    As Buffalo Bill states on Moving Target this mass is:

    the 13th anniversary of the first London Critical Mass

    I should be there, this time on the Bob Jackson.

  • Yes! Missed the last two due to my injuries. Can't wait.

  • yup

  • Not out of work til 7pm on Friday. Doubt that I'll make it.

  • Havent been on a CM in ages since it pissed me off so much. Dont think i will have time, but will consider it ;)

  • If it pisses you off, don't go. I quit riding them for ages cos I stopped enjoying them. Last one was pretty fun, but maybe that was only because I hadn't done for ages. It definitely is more fun if there are a lot of people there that you know though.

  • definitely be there, my birthday on mon so it's my birthday critical mass!

  • i've never been, been to one in Cambridge, but i dont think its the same kinda affair,..

  • so, anyone coming?

  • I am.

    This is as a result of having nothing better to do :)

    I dread the mess on the streets tonight though. What with Oxford St being closed, the traffic is going to be hell. I hope whoever is at the front doesn't intentionally lead us into mayhem.

  • sounds like fun...

  • Was oxford street closed this morning? i have an injury from cycling so i am on a self enforced no cycling for fri, sat and sun to see if it clears up. Had to get a bus in to work this morning and it just stopped near Tottenham Court Road with buses as far as the eye could see in front.

  • Oxford Street is closed between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road.

    The fire last night has weakened a building, and they're afraid of it collapsing.

    The buses up Bloomsbury way are in near gridlock. I have no idea where they're diverting them... down Charing Cross, around Trafalgar and up Regents St? If so, it must be hell that way too.

  • thats wack

  • Ciritical Mass 'Banned':­n/6677589.stm

    The Metropolitan Police have won a court battle to allow them to ban London's Critical Mass cycle ride.

    Two out of three Appeal Court judges overturned a High Court ruling that the rides do not need to have prior permission from the police.

    How exciting!

  • i don't think they'll have much luck :)

  • I think they will. I for one will not attend if there is a very real chance of being arrested. The impact of me being arrested would be considerable given the career I have and the position I now stand in.

    I have no problem with participation so long as participation itself is not deemed illegal. I would always avoid fights, stupid behaviour, but if turning up itself is the thing that can get you arrested then I cannot even do that and won't risk doing that. For some, the stakes are too high.

  • Of course... taken literally it would mean any congregation of cyclists meeting and riding somewhere is illegal. Perhaps every single ride we organise should add to their pile of paperwork? So that's the London to Brighton, London to Southend, Highgate West Hill, Bike Polo, and the many near-spontaneous rides to Greenwich, etc.

  • it might attract some more "anarchists" which will inevitably end in tears.

    I'd rather just go for a ride, and a beer

  • maybe you should send them the route plan for L-2-S and see if you are allowed to go?

  • i might go to the C.M. , did the last one, was nice...
    lets see how the week goes...

  • i will be interested to see how the next london one will go. i just don't see how this could be policed. will they just arrest those riders at the front?? a complete waste of police time.

    i'm assuming the other ones around the country will eventually get embroiled in this type of red tape??

  • RPM it might attract some more "anarchists" which will inevitably end in tears.

    RPM, what's an 'anarchist', please?

    A guy in a black cloak who throws bombs or just someone that stands up for their rights?

  • well, I'd say I was a bit of an anarchist as I tend to fight against things I don't agree with.

    but there's "anarchists" who just like an excuse to be dicks, black cloak/bomb type thing.

    then go back to their parents mews house in Hamstead.


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Critical Mass - April 2007

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