The Rubber Thread

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  • Mad about Michelins? constipated about Continentals? victorious with Vittorias? sick of Schwalbe?

    This is the thread for it, bounce it out till you're tyre'd.

    first off:

    25c or 23c or what, and why?

  • 23c, reduced rolling resistance.

    25c for cross.


  • For commuting, i can't be dealing with flats every other week/month.
    So, Specialized Armadillo's in 23C.

    No flats, ever.

  • +1. My front RIM wore out before i got a puncture using Armadillos.

  • On 20's (On 20's)
    Wheels Spinnin(Wheels Spinnin)
    These hoes grinnin
    I pulled up with the top off
    On 20's (On 20's)
    Wheels spinnin (Wheels Spinnin)
    these hoes grinnin
    Futuristic tennis shoes when I hop off

    Rubinos baby.

  • Currently black/grey michelins kyrlions in 25...

    but after seeing esbee's black/white rubino's i'm tempted to go back to those. Used to have them a year ago but they were bastard tight on the ma3's. Anyone know of any other good black/white tyres which are nicer to mavic rims?

  • Urgh, Michelins and Campagnolo rims... worst combination in the world. Ride great, but I don't know how many levers I've broken getting the bastards on and off.

  • Rubinos shouldn't be a problem on anything, neither were my fortezza tricomps (which also come in b&w and ride like the sex)

  • armadillo's here too.

    used to use s-licks on my mountain bike, no punctures in 2 years of daily commuting.

  • Rubino pros on one bike (standard rubinos make me sad), specialized roubaix on sometimes, gatorskins on my longer distance bike. Got some fotezza tricomps to put on when my rubinos wear out.


    Boots are doing BOGOF on packets of 12

  • armadillos for thousands of miles puncture free...
    next best with added comfort and speed gatorskins....well priced too.

  • I moved over to Michelin Krylium Carbon (23) a couple of months ago and have had more punctures since then than I've had in the last 10 years cycling. They're nice, they're pretty, they're light and they're fast, but they struggle to survive on London roads. So I might be switching to Armadillos sometime...

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The Rubber Thread

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