Street keirin race

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  • inspired by the north london velodrome thread and the video:­Dc

    anyone think where would be good for this? / would anyone be up for it?
    bloomsbury sq or somewhere?

  • Bloomsbury Square isn't a full lap anymore... Canary Wharf is ;)

  • hmm yeah or grosvenor square

    anyone have a friend with a moped? do it proper with a pacer!

  • Is The Mall dead in the early hours?

    That's a perfect space for it.

  • I'm not sure about all that crashing

    wherever you do it, there's going to be peelers on scene pretty quick...

  • the mall is an excellent idea! loads of the riders in the video are drifting round the corners!

  • glow:hmm yeah or grosvenor square anyone have a friend with a moped? do it proper with a pacer!

    Just order a few pizzas to be delivered... I'm sure the delivery boy will oblige if he's given a small tip. And it means you have post-race refreshments :)

  • Hahaha, oh man, somebody ask trampsparadise about the last time we had ghettodrome races in clerkenwell.

  • Arnold Circus is pretty dead quiet, but its very very small. De Beauvoir square is bigger, no idea about traffic though as i have only been there a couple of times.

    I'd come along for a laugh ;)

  • arnold circus might be good, but it's right in the middle of a group of residential buildings. any cheering will certainly be met with a call to the fuzz.

  • My favourite (in London) is Queen's Square - quiet, secluded and a decent lap length. It also has a lovely little pub (Queens Larder) for spectator refreshments.

  • Canary Wharf at night - perfect. It's where I work so I can be there with my camera. Just watch out for the security guards....

  • alternatively....take up track might need to buy a track bike though, has anyone out there got one?

  • seriously is anyone up for this? fast and the furious style haha

  • Damn straight....

  • Yup, I'm gonna lose, but it will be a blast.

  • Lets just pick one and get it going, we will never know until we have tested and raced them.

    We could make a list of good places and record road characteristics.

  • Dude fuck that street keirin shit. Hella fast and the furious quarter miles in green park.

  • I think you meant 'dat' not 'that', but a good straight is a good idea and easier to find. What about the bottom gates of Greenwich Park to the top gates? Nice little hill there.

  • I think the Mall is even better if we're talking straight line.

    It's great tarmac, a wide road, and the traffic light phasing will give us enough time to make breaks even in late evening traffic.

  • Crack, dude, I'm still suffering from that night! Really!
    For some ghetto street-velo, how about finsbury circus?

  • I reckon drag racing the Mall is the way forward. You can really surprise bike commuters on the way through. Especially if you are shrieking.

  • I'd suggest the Ace Cafe for a straight race. I've watched classic bikes do the 'ton-up' outside on a quiet section of road running paralel to the motorway. This can be easily closed off and is not residential. Its a good place for food and beer also.

  • so when? and where?

  • Hoxton square guys! Let's be hip. Just kidding.

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Street keirin race

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