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  • My bottom bracket is wobbly, which probably means it needs to be adjusted or replaced. I am considering replacing it with a Phil, but I am not sure that I want to have proprietary crap down there that needs special tools to fix. Having said that, I am also not a fan ofhaving to deal with adjusting something every few hundred miles or so. I want to put someting down and not have to worry about it again.

    Any thoughts?

  • Get a cheapo shimano. As long as it is tight, i don't think you'll have any trouble for a few years.

  • That is what I thought, but mine developed a side to side play that is leaving me mystified.

  • Side to side play? That's not right... did it fit the frame properly originally?

    I would say go with a Royce, but this is because I enjoy being in debt.

  • I've got a phil bb but i didn't pay for it, and i definately wouldn't.

  • What crankset you running? More importantly what BB is this?

    Have you checked the adjustment of the `adjustable' cup? If its loose you're going to get side to side movement potentially. If its a sealed unit and BB seems correctly installed, then your bearings are shot so its time for a new BB.

    I love Phil stuff, but its over a 100 quid (with tools) for a Phil BB. They're lovely lovely things but you can find tons reasonable sealed BBs for a lot lot less. The only other real advantage of the Phil is that its got 5mm of adjustment so you can really dial in your chainline. Would expect Condor or Brixton cycles to have the tools which could save you some expense).

  • I am sure it is the bearings, so I will spring for a sealed shimano or something of the sort.

    Sensible heads prevailed.

  • Royce all the way, lifetime guarantee, well you can send it in to be serviced.

  • Mine is squeaky... what to do?

    I've taken it out today, cleaned it, re-greased. Cleaned the frame threads, the bottom bracket area, etc (I don't know what this stuff is called), and put it all back together.

    It spins freely and without any wobble... but it squeaks.

    I've got a Specialities TA Xytech.

    Any ideas?

  • velocity boy Mine is squeaky... what to do?

    Well the problem went away. This morning's ride was silent and smooth. I guess all it needed was a good clean and some grease.

  • .........................

  • Don't be a twat and dredge ancient threads to get you post count up. You will have your account deleted.

  • couldn't have put it better myself. wac.

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Bottom Bracket

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