Non-leaky water bottles

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  • I have to keep my water in my bag rather than on my bike, to avoid getting road filth all over them. My Science In Sport ones are shit - they leak all the time no matter how tightly they're screwed closed. Which means clients sometimes get moist deliveries.... not good. Anyone know of any really good watertight bottles?

  • Camelbak replacement bags?

  • camelbacks leak like a good-un, they have to be upright all the time

    maybe the dueter ones? it's possible to put the bladder in the messenger bag and thread the tube along the strap for feeding on the go.

  • The Deuter bladders dont leak much.

    I fell onto one for a week solid in the alps a couple of years ago and whilst i leaked quite a bit of sweat and blood, the deuter didnt leak at all.

    Easy to clean to.

  • I keep my camelback bladder in the freezer, seems to keep it free of smeg.

    it's about 6 years old now, just ordered a deuter to replace it.


    always found these (a different manufacturer actually but i don't remember the name) good
    can withstand a lot of thinks and don't leak.

  • Just remembered these:­_detail.aspx?ProdID=2

    I haven't used them on bike, but I've used them for orienteering and they work brilliantly.

    They'd be really good in a bag, and they don't leak at all.

    You can pick them up in one of the camping shops just South of Covent Garden... Ellis something-or-other.

  • I've had a platypus before, they're good - designed to be a floppy bottle rather than a hydration system, so don't leak at all. Ellis Brigham is the shop, I've seen them lots of other places too.

  • Is it a leak, or is it condensation?

  • Alex:Is it a leak, or is it condensation?

    Or is it that when you fill it up over-zealously at the start of the day, you get a little bit of water 'temporarily trapped' in the threads when you put the lid on - this is the only way I've had those bottles leak at all.

  • The Sigg bottles are probably what you want. The seal is excellent, the nozzle is lockable and they clean up nice. The only draw-back is that they rattle in most cages. But you're not going to put it in a cage, so that's not a problem.

  • BTW, Camelbacks are just wrong!

  • camelbacks rock!
    but then i mainly ride offroad where a waterbottle is a waste of time, a bottle cage is quite handy to hold a battery for nightriding though. :-)

  • Just thought I'd resurrect this thread and point it in the bottle direction rather than the bladder direction. The only bladder I'll be carrying with me on the bike is the one that's quite difficult to remove and doesn't contain what I'd call potable water.

    I've been using an Elite Hydra bottle for a while and whilst it's great for filling and drinking from, it's rubbish for mixing in. It leaks from the drinking teet, not the threads or the cap.

    I'm surprised that a bottle like this could be so loved that even Rapha use it for their bottles.

    Is this an isolated event. I love the bottle for everything except this leaking. Perfect size, perfect squeeze factor. I may have dropped it at some time but I'm unsure.

    I'm either going to order a few of those or a few of the camelbak podium bottles. The podium bottles are expensive though so I'd like to know if anyone's used 'em.

    Sorry for the incoherence.

  • I have the camelbak one , its good, but err, ripoff man 9 quid for a placcy bokky


    You can manually 'lock' it, so no water will come out at all. Even 'unlocked' you need to bite on the rubber and simultaneously squeeze or suck, to get the fluid out.

    I reckon that last sentenced may get heavily quoted.

  • There are water bottles available for competitive prices from most supermarkets. Some common brands include Evian, Vittel and Volvic, but there are many others and most supermarkets also offer their own brands.

  • They don't fit cages properly.

    Freebies from rides ftw

  • I use this one:­ak_Podium_710ml~24oz_Bottle/5360033553/

    Doesn't seem to leak.

    I'll try putting it in the Pac with something valuable and find out for sure...

  • They don't fit cages properly.

    Freebies from rides ftw

    You're right that most don't. However, I've found there is one brand that does fit well. I can't remember what it is though! It's the 750ml size, and it's a sort of square shape bottle. It's actually quite difficult to find in big shops, you mainly seem to see it in small cornershops.

    Ooh, I think it might be Highland Spring.

  • I've got a bunch of SIS bottles from sportives. They are useful since they have the measuring levels on the sides for all the SIS powders.. which happen to be the brand I use. Job done.

  • I've got a Caisse d'Epargne one that one of the riders gave me after I beat the car he was in riding up Brixton Hill after the Tour de France prologue.

    It works very well, but you can't have it.

  • That's wicked tricity! :)

  • Well I don't want your stupid bottle anyway!

  • I got a Saunier Duval one. It tastes funny...

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Non-leaky water bottles

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