Motherfucking Drinking

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  • I am polishing off a bottle of wine, the second one of the night, singlehandedly. Step the fuck up kids, I remember what LDN drankin' was like.

  • Wine? You big girl's blouse!

    If you'd said it was Scotch, then I'd have been impressed.

  • I've just been touring with the lady. We had pints for lunch every day. On our longest day we had giant yorkshire pudding filled with steak cassarole for lunch. And pints.

    You step the fuck up and find some bangers and mash to soak up the booze.

  • We got a little tipsy at the Old Mill in Plumstead. Riding home was a laugh, we followed the Thames Cycle Path back on the South Bank, around the Dome and past the old aggregate work yards.

    Alex was perhaps a little more tipsy, or at least a little more reckless. After learning how to skid I think he forgot how to brake, and when we took a blind corner too fast and oncoming cyclists came into view I hit my front brake and shouted a warning "Slow!" to Alex and damnham behind me. Alex didn't really slow, he just flew into the side of me and lent on me to make the corner.

    I don't know how we didn't end up in the dirt, or worse in the Thames. We made it another few miles to the pub for bangers and mash without further incident though.

  • the whole reason i didn't make the ride on sunday was a raw hangover, school reunion= much drinking of everything and anything.

  • You said slow? I'll be damned. My version is that I did not expect the guy going in the opposite direction, and when you swerved to avoid hin, I could not close the radius of my turn fast enough. It was not the beer, but the intoxicating effect of fersh air.

  • It was passover gimme a break. On to the whiskey.

  • who is knocking wine?

    you uncouth slobs!

  • Wine? Still can't bring myself to drink it. Horrible shite for women and 'cultured' people with taste buds that work.
    Vodka, rum, brandy, whisk(e)y, cider, (insert every cocktail & spirit mixer here) and beer on the other hand..
    As for London drinking.. I lost movement in my right hand for a month after a weekend-long bender and 5hr blackout.. something I'm not planning on repeating (this week) so you 'step up' and I'll see you in A&E :)

  • fuck ye!! couldnt open the forum in work because of your bad language.

  • yes, the spelling and grammar on these forums leaves a lot to be desired.

  • oxo:fuck ye!! couldnt open the forum in work because of your bad language.

    This is your boss speaking: You shouldn't be reading this at work! Get back to it before I sack your butt!! :P

  • Aight fucker, you go out and pound a bottle of Wild Irish Rose and a quarter jug of Carlo Rossi and get me back (for reference Wild Irish Rose is like buckfast for £1.50 and accordingly awful)

  • Anyone up for a post-work drink? I could do with one or two, would be nice if it was in a beer garden :)

  • Man, I'm still recovering from Sunday. All day drinking in the sun plus first bbq of the season. Mind you, I did go fr a quick hair of the dog yesterday.

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Motherfucking Drinking

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