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  • I have severely lost my mojo after PBP, I've not ridden at all

  • Yeah, I got out a bit in oz for short stuff but I've done nothing long since Transiberica. I did kinda push it but there's other factors I think.

  • All the bloody rain for a start.

  • I'm in the middle of my RRtY, well 3 months in. Happy I did my 200k early on this month before Noah's dickhead friend fucked everything up.

  • 2020 plans, anyone?

    I started my 3rd RRtY on Sunday with an AAA DIY 200. A great idea in January. I was unbelievably slow.

    Eyeing up the Borders of Belgium.

  • The missus is doing a RRtY, which means I'm doing a RRtY. Two down so far. Both have been quite nice. Dunno what you lot are on about :P That's the beauty of DIYs, you can pick your days! :)

  • winter has been very benign so far

  • I'm on my 3rd RRTY at the moment and started a RRTY of riding the Snow Roads AAA 300 perm last Monday. Got to go out this Fri/Sat.

  • My very modest goal is to do a 200 on the fixie. Ideally Man of Kent.

  • You say that but look at today's rain radar and then there was Oct last year - was there a dry day all month? But yeah, at least in terms of temps there's been no ice risk so far which is nice. That'll come in Feb/Mar no doubt.

  • I'll be riding MoK fixed with Amey and that's about it for now. I should look again at the ACH events and perhaps sign up to some of them. And doing the Arrow again with a different route could be fun.

  • love the MoK. sadly i'm not around for it this year.

    might do the shark but i will probably be the last person back.

  • 50 points, get my 3rd RRTY, complete the Wessex SR and maybe attempt Crackpot.

  • Ooooh - can I come on MoK fixie frolics too please?

  • As The Shark isn't a PBP qualifier this year, you'll get 50 mins more to complete it

  • Might see you there, but it's a bit of a schlep to get to, just need to convince myself I want ride there at 5am on a Sunday in March...

  • Keen to try some hillier calender events this year. Brevet Cymru looks like it could be a good one, good route?

  • I enjoyed it. I would say that though, they had apple pie.

  • I'll ride to the start as there isn't really any other option and I'll pass by Greenwich so we could do a group ride out of some sort. I rode to the start last year and it was nice if a bit cold.

    I might also ride back.

  • Ok, as long as that doesn't turn into another A21 smashfest

  • I've got MoK and Shark in my todo list too. Depends if I can convince the rrtychick to head saaaarf.

  • I'm riding those

  • Might see you down there then. You do any big'uns this year?

  • Did The Shark last weekend, it was pure lols in the wind.

    I'm down for a few 1000s which I've not done before and might try and tick off some more AAA badges this year.

    I'd like to try and do the GdS SR but might struggle to fit it in.

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Audax rides

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