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  • The ability for organisers to make mudguards required came in because some controls were unhappy with the state of chairs/benches/etc after being used as a control. The cafes threatened to withdraw their use as a control, which meant the ride was unlikely to go ahead (as suitable alternatives near an existing route are often hard to come by).

    If too many people ignore the rule (especially if there is poor weather) then the organiser may have no choice but to cancel future instances of the ride.

    The question was about how complusory is complusory

    So, ask the organiser (Tom's a sensible and pleasant chap), he may say "I'd rather you fitted them but if the weather is fine I guess it's ok", or "ok but please be careful at controls X and Y", or "no, please have them fitted regardless".

    Don't just be selfish and possibly fuck it up for everyone else by possibly contributing to getting future instances of an event cancelled.

    Of course, as with all rules there are unintended consequences, and in this case it is old school organisers who think that everyone should ride Audaxes with mudguards. (Tom isn't one of these organisers, just to be clear.)


  • This is what I've done with an assos pair, as I also have big guns (fat arms). Cut the elastic at the seam and sewn the bottom of the cut so it won't rip further. I kept getting a sore tendon on long rides before work better now and still stay up.

  • I kinda take the view that if you have a wet arse... don't sit on cafe seats.

  • I take that view too. However I get pretty wet when it's raining with mudguards anyway. Only my arse is less mucky. So if it's wet you don't sit anywhere precious.

  • A cobolt steel drill bit might be the answer. I can get one locally tomorrow.

  • Tom deacan Say mudguards. So I'll zip tie the bugger if I have too. Given the person who stole my bike partially round the now stuck bolt I am slightly annoyed. I know this will be unpopular but given mudguards are not required for safety the respect reason is odd. Respect can be defined many ways. I used to think audaxing was not elitist I was wrong, it is it bike elisitist at the very least. I'll do this audax this weekend but I won't bother doing anymore or possibly pbp. This one thing has put me right off even though I normally have guards fitted to this bike and actually prefer riding with them and I have done audaxs with guards. So it not like I am anti guards. Elisitism in any sport should be challanged. I smell it in audaxing.

    The reason I say this it does not bother me if someone on an audax does not have them. I just choose not ride behind then. It becomes restrictive on what bike you can use. For example I can't fit clip on guards to my sannino so I can't use that bike and love that bike and have ridden long distances on it many times.

    I can road race though on an audax bike with the guards removed. I cannot use a road race bike for audax as some race bike are not compatible with guards. I never thought road racing was less bike elitist than audaxing.

    All I want to do is ride my bike. I was looking forward to this weekend. Now I am not.

  • Audax is elitist because of mudguards. This is satire, right?

  • Elisitism in any sport should be challanged. I smell it in audaxing

    I think you are quite far off the mark here. I'm sure you can find a way to make things work and be at peace with it.

    But if you want to keep talking about your mudguards, knock yourself out.

  • People Audaxing without mudguards pisses me off. It's selfish behaviour.

  • Really?

    This never even registers for me. Maybe just don't ride in people's wheels?

  • If you wanna ride a bike that can’t take mudguards, just enter it and yourself into an Audax where it isn’t a requirement surely. There seems to be plenty

  • You have to ride a good 18ft behind someone not to get sprayed.

    Edit, maybe 12ft.

  • I think you're overthinking this, it's not a big deal.

    Just turn up and do the ride, it will be grand.

  • I like the word 'elisitism', although I have no idea what it means. We need a meaning for it so we can use it purposefully. :)

  • For shorter rides (200k) I'm using a small restrap frame bag. I did a 300k two weeks ago and used my frame bag and also a carradice audax saddlebag. I didn't need both but needed something upfront to hold my extra battery for the exposure light.

    I don't want to take both on the 400k this weekend, any bright ideas for attaching a large battery to a bike? Best I can come up with is to stuff it in an inner tube and cable tie it to the stem.

  • That's a pretty good way if you don't need to do anything much with it.

    I have a stem bag that I put batteries in, which means I can access them to plug or unplug / change over. I also put energy bars in there (which explains why my batteries often have bits of food on them).

  • One more thing. A bike with guards won't fit in my car so I have s 4 o clock start to ride to dunmow. I don't want to ride there and back. 606km is enough.

    That's the implication of the mudguard rule. Essentially I can't do another long audax because I am not changing my car so I can fit an "audax" bike in it. My old BMW will not be getting a roof rack either, it drinks enough petrol as it is. In fact since I don't race much any more and I won't be going to more audaxes my car is going to do even less than 3000 miles a year. I might just sell it.

    That's why I am not looking forward to this now.

    So by audax rules saying it's respectful to use mudguards they are saying I am not welcome unless I am willing to leave the day before for an audax and ride there and back and take more time from my family or change my car. A truly welcoming organisation.

    Sorry for the rant. I needed to say this.

  • How big are we talking? Top tube bag? On a side note, just picked up two Ixon IQ premiums for£20 each. Without charger or batteries, but I've got a stash of decent rechargeables.
    Which 400?

    Also, doesn't Flatlands have hall sleeping on the Friday night?

  • I have a topeak top tube bag but with a quill stem it doesn't fit too well. The light is a exposure 1500 sb Strada with there largest Support Cell (8.7A). Not looking at changing my lights as this setup is pretty good and has good run time.

    The 400k is the Paddington express.

  • I don't drive so use trains. Should I complain to AUK that no one volunteers to organise rides near me?

    Maybe if you are bothered by the organisers rules how about volunteering yourself.

  • So by audax rules saying it's respectful to use mudguards they are saying I am not welcome unless I am willing to leave the day before for an audax and ride there and back and take more time from my family or change my car. A truly welcoming organisation.


  • Is this better than the fly tipper whose drawers were returned??

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Audax rides

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