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  • Epic Ride Weather doesn't I don't think.

  • I have twiggy arms and use the planet X ones. Well worth £3 or however much they were.

    I wear them mainly for running, so more arm movement, and I've never had a warmer related friction issue

  • Freshly washed and unstretched bicep end is 20cm, 14cm wrist. My bicep is 30cm, wrist 20cm and it doesn't feel tight when on. Length is about 47cm. Photo of the inside at end (obviously). Like others have said, at 3quid probably worth a punt.

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  • Cheers! Assume that's the Larger of the two sizes?

  • Anyone doing Down to Downs this Saturday?

  • Correct, I also found some adidas windstopper ones with a wide band that holds them in place but I can't remember where I got them from, probably TackyMax. Although they bunch up a bit when doing anything other than rolling around on the floor like I've been shot.

  • On a different note how complusory are mudguard when it say in the event notes mudguards are complusory. will I be dammed by the audax gods.

  • Mudguards are dependent on the organiser and how much of a stickler they are, theoretically they could refuse to validate your Brevet card. .

  • Anyone riding Flatlands Saturday?

  • Email the organiser and ask them, or just stick some raceblades on.

  • dependent on the organiser and how much of a stickler

    Bit unfair, riding without mudguards particularly when the weather is bad is pretty annoying for other riders too, spraying other people with road crap, going into controls covered in crap and leaving a mess etc.

    Some rides due to location will rely on good relationships with the controls they use, people going in caked in mud and leaving a mess all over their nice cafe will not help that.

  • The organiser will have had a reason for the request - which may be past complaints from cafes or from other riders - or whatever. But there won't bike inspection and it's almost certain you will get away with it. with nobody saying anything. If it's a dry, sunny day, you most likely wouldn't be the only one without.

    Some people will notice and, especially if it is wet, think you are a bit disrespectful and bemoan the encroachment of 'the sportive crowd' who lack a background in, or appreciation of the ethos of the sport. If you are ok being judged in that way, you'll be fine!

  • The Santini? ones I had during RATN were really nice... until they weren't. They have couple of cm of elastic to grip so they stay in place really well but unfortunately after 3 days of swapping hand positions, the grippers dug into and screwed up my median tendon. I could probably stretch the elastic so they're not so tight but then they'll be flappy like all the others.

  • Perhaps I should have qualified my response by including 'in fair weather and with dry roads.' As I would fully support any organiser for not validating people's ride if they have been trapsing slurry in to cafes and tearooms.

  • I guess ones with a thumb loop will open a whole other can of worms . Re-purposed calf sleeves? I know bridgedale make some but they might be way too tight along the whole length. Plus not long enough.
    Decathlon do some armwarmers that look like it's just fabric to grip

  • Decathlon do some armwarmers that look like it's just fabric to grip

    Yeah I use these and they're pretty good:­-cycling-arm-warmers-id_8315774.html

  • Actually you reminded me of the red fabric ones I bought years ago at Herne Hill sale. Maybe I should try them again.

  • I tend to ride by myself.
    I'll be doing the flatlands and the chance of rain is not high. On a 600km you can't ride at some one else's pace. I certainly won't. Last weekend for the invitica 400km I was mostly on today and that was fine. Many had no guards and I wish I did as it rained but there is a steel bolt stuck in my ti frame preventing the mounting of guards which were removed by the young man who stole the bike earlier this year. I will kit fit race blades. Id rather not do the ride.

    The other bike with guards can't take my beam rack without a seat post change. It also is not as comfortable due to the saddle for a 600km.

    I'll just do it without guards. If anyone says anything they'll get an ear full.

  • Why bother asking in the first place then, expecting validation?

    You seem nice, hopefully we won't meet.

  • I still might have another go at drilling the bolt out today. The main issue is the Fat shaped stays get in the way. They curve in where chuck needs to be. I really need a longer bit but that can flex and break. There was anti seize all over the bolt when it went in as well.

    Might have to fit a new seat post to other bike. Fecking theives nicking my mudguards.

    The question was about how complusory is complusory of I run out of time to fit guards to my preferred bike for this distance. The above might explain why fitting guards is now a problem. I would not give an earful to an organiser. I would probably just stop if a fellow rider tried telling me off and simply pick another route. I am not anti social either. You have not met me but let's not assume things about one another. I wish I had not asked the question now.

  • Actually you reminded me of the red fabric ones I bought years ago at Herne Hill sale. Maybe I should try them again.

    I've also got a pair of these you can have gratis. Little too short for my gibbon arms.

  • I'll give them a go. I'll paypal you some beer money if you PM me your paypal email.

  • Maybe I should just try and find another set of my trademark... those Rapha data print sleeves?

  • Not sure how practical it would be, but if you know someone who is a dab hand at overlock stitching try butchering a cheap set to make a shirtcuff-esque split or v-/u-shaped cutout to take pressure off where the tendon comes to the surface.

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Audax rides

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