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  • Rode that as a DIY last year, really liked the route. Good luck!

  • It's a lovely ride but I don't think of it as a very hilly one - didn't realise it used to have AAAs

    Last time I did it, it was the first time I'd used new bike with Di2. Turned out I hadn't charged it properly so had to do the last 280km single speed. Other than the climbs out of Dover and Folkestone, lack of gears wasn't much of a problem and I got round in about the same time as the previous year.

  • Me too, me too!

    I'm more concerned with the cold for the first three hours than anything. It looks like a lovely route.

  • First audax done and dusted. Slow and steady 50k, but felt good, fitter than I thought and was fun!

    Freezing cold start at 6.30 this morning and hailed on us twice but coffee on arrival to the start and the cheese scone at the end of the ride made up for it.

    Also - cycling out from stansted airport rail station to the start was not fun. Great day out though, spend the duration of the ride with another audax noob and took turns to mid read garmin and miss turns.

    Essex lanes really are gorgeous. 8/10 would audax again.

  • Excellent teaming you with you for the last 100k on Amesbury yesterday @Klar I'd been beginning to lose the will to live on Salisbury plain - headwinds and no one in sight for miles!

  • Hi! Yes, it was great. It was definitely the most enjoyable part of the day and the bike chat coincided with lovely scenic views, a beautiful sunset and, eventually, flat terrain. I'll have a beer tonight to celebrate.

  • Current Audax calendar looks like:

    Winter Boat Ride | 200
    Mr. Pickwick's March Madness | 200*
    Bill's Easton Connection | 300*

    To do:
    Brevet Cymru | 400* | Sat 4th May
    Bryan Chapman Memorial Classic | 600* | Sat 18th May
    TINAT 400A | 400* | Sat 15th June

    *AAA rides

  • Anyone on here doing any of these?

  • I want to do the Brevet Cymru, just got to work out the best way to get there/ back again. Haven't signed up for it yet, would be my first 400 so seems rather imposing at the moment.

    How're you getting there? My options are take the train and ride to the start or just drive - driving is more convenient, but I'm not sure I fancy trying to drive home afterwards... Car nap may be required.

  • I'm going to drive over from my Mum's which is near Cirencester so it's only an hour away.

    Audax are a PITA to get to unless you live near the good riding.

  • That's what ECEs are for :)

  • Hippy is defo on the gear.

  • And I don't mean 53x11

  • Definitely. You can see my sordid ingestion history over on untappd...

  • Anyone else riding the Pendle 600 this year?

    Or has ridden it before? Would love to hear how you found it.

  • I'm down for it. It's meant to be killer.
    I need to look at logistics. Don't really want to be driving home after x hours riding.

  • LFGSS arrows teams still heading out this Friday?

    I'm riding down to York from Kendal with my team

    Kendal > Blackpool > Sedburgh > Ripon > Scunthorpe > York

    See you all at Weatherspoons for breakfast.

  • Team 2 are putting the finishing touches to our route. I think team 1 have disbanded...

    Your route looks nice and scenic!

    Excited for the weather forecasts for this. Dont forget SUN BLOCK.

    Enjoy the ride, be safe and see you in the pub.

  • Yeah, our riders had some issues. I'm probably going to do a couple of DIYs in its place.

  • I'm going to get the train up / down and stay in a glamorous nearby Premier Inn / Air BnB, I think.

    Also going to stay there on the Sunday night as I don't fancy my chances of getting back to London without passing out.

    It's certainly the ride I'm losing the most sleep over this year!

  • WCW routes/routesheets released.

  • Have you looked at any costs/times yet?

    It reckons 12hrs on train from London! :D
    Okay, nevermind, more like 4hrs if you leave in the morning.

    Train to Preston, 30k ride to HQ

  • The 2015 edition was positively medieval.

  • Video of the 2013 edition can be found here:­uM

    Discussion thread can be found here at:­54078.0.

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Audax rides

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