Audax rides

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  • Oh yes that’s true ! Cakes, stickers and patches.

  • Dah whaaaa. I go away for a week.
    This is great news though

  • If you think I’m following you up any hills again any time soon, think again my friend

  • Excellent you plan to be in front.
    You do know the shark is umm a bit lumpy.

  • Yes and I am able to ride uphill. It’s riding uphill with you that I don’t like.

  • I have feelings you know

  • Don’t ride up so good then

  • Reported for grooming.

  • Had a blast rebel-riding the Man of Kent with @amey and @Klar today. The ride down was lovely as well though fairly cold towards the end. Ride back was cut short as I punctured near Sevenoaks which deflated my motivation as well as my rear wheel. Still, grand day!

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  • I chickened out of riding back too. Went to Tonbridge.

    268km ain't too shabby, is it? I had a nice time but I was either freezing cold or sweating

  • Today was sweet. Ditched the idea of riding for points though and just rode a reliability loop.

  • We (ACH) route checked The Shark today, 3 of us rode fixed I only took one picture because of the endless suffering!

    Was going pretty well until Mayfield, but I always forget the next section is an arsekicker, and on 72" fixed it was really tough and I suffered with cramp, my shoes got nearly as much wear as my tyres this afternoon.

    I worked out earlier I've riden it 10 times now, finished eight and bailed twice.

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  • was mega fun!

  • Wow. Well done. I've ridden lots of Audaxes fixed but wouldn't attempt The Shark fixed.

  • It's ACH, so why would they do it any other way? :)

  • Wondering whether to fit compact double for the shark with all the ups and downs or stick with single ring 42 x 11-28

  • Has anyone ever been on a hilly ride and wished for fewer gears?

  • There was a bloke riding Greenwich Mean Climb fixed last year.

    I mean well done, but also, I was grateful for every last sprocket I had on that ride.

  • If anyone, I thought you'd understand. The balance of easier riding vs not having to do some work on the bike is heavily tipped toward the latter

  • 100% what I would do is:

    I'd put "install Compact" on my todo list and come Friday night, having not done it, I will remove "install Compact" from todo list using "don't change anything the day before a big ride" as justification.

  • Its fine, I won't finish the ride anyway. I've jinxed it by getting excited and already ordering the badge

  • That's not an audacious attitude. It's easy, you just push a pedal down and when the other pedal is up the top you push that one down and repeat until you get to the finish.

  • Slow and steady wins the race.

    So long as I'm back by 7pm, I'll be happy.

  • I’m following you pal. Slow and steady yourself!

    Also I was kidding. I’m sure it’ll be fine

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Audax rides

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