Audax rides

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  • Where on the knees? Was the physio clued up on cycling biomechanics? y u no #internetbikefit

    What gear are you using? What shoes? Are you normal or some kind of genetic freak?

  • Finished. Sounds grim. Still, a nice little adventure.

  • I entered it last year, but it was on that miserable Bank Holiday so sacked it off.

    I've done Greenwich Mean Climb past 2 years so I get the gist... : /

    Ivan the organiser was saying there are people who Perm it once a month as an easy Londoner way to get RRTY

  • So, @Cycliste and I are doing our first Audax this weekend on the Pork Pie. Any tips for Audax newbies?

  • Don't forget to note down answers to any questions at info controls.

    Eat lots of cake.

  • Any idea what parking is like for Gently on Sunday? Due to train shenanigans and potential for bad weather driving seems likely.

  • Physio seemed competent but who knows. He certainly identified tightnesses and weaknesses in what should be my normal movements, so a starting point.

    Gear varies: road bike, cross bike. Generally compact or smaller front and 28+ at the back though, I keep my posing to the internet. Shoes: SPDs. Genetic normality: unconfimed

  • Rider notes say

    Please avoid coming by car if possible, or try to share your car journey. If you do come by car, please park on the Club side of the road.

  • Clearly missed that! Thanks.
    Not ideal but don’t think I have a lot of option. Anyone need a lift from SE?

  • :D

    I'm riding over from Catford.

  • Ivan the organiser was saying there are people who Perm it once a month as an easy Londoner way to get RRTY

    I've done it as a DIY a ton of times as Ivan lives 5 minutes from me, not done it yet this season though.

  • You following physio advice? Stretching and/or doing relevant exercises twice a day?

    Could also stick a 32T on. Take some load off when the gradient goes ▲

  • I’m in Brockley. Are you set on riding?
    Maybe I should ride, have you got a sensible route to the start?


    Will almost certainly get a train back.

    And yeah, I'm riding with a whole bunch of others. Feel free to join if you need company!

  • I could probably do more. I guess I've been trying to substitute the specific exercises he gave me with yoga and strength work, thinking it would achieve the same thing. To be fair, my knee issues are better than they once were, but it seems that a jump up in mileage is what can reliably fuck it - hence the comment about not finding time to ramp the distance.

    I can get up to about 200km on a good week of longer commutes and a normalish weekend ride, but I guess I need to sacrifice some fun riding with mates to ramp up the length of that weekend ride

  • Answering my own questions but appreciate the sounding board

  • Stretching and to a lesser extent strength work can suck or at least are an annoying time suck, but they do work. I think the reason I can keep going after crashes and injuries is that i'm an insanely stubborn lunatic I'm quite diligent when given rehab work to do.

  • Have you tried examining your pedal action when fatigued to see if there's obvious movements that contribute to pain? You know, like flaring knees, rocking, not high enough saddle height stuff. Do you take note of cadence during rides?

  • Me and @cagimaha (it's his first audax) will be out on this too so, if you see two fixy boyz say 'ello. As said above, smash the cakes.

  • I'm signed up for the Pork Pie this weekend too, not fixed but first 200k audax. Got some new mudguards to cover in mud. Are you taking the early train up?

  • 05:58 from Liverpool Street. Aka the audax party train?

  • Rough Diamond 300 tomorrow. First fixed audax for a couple of years and half of it will be into a 40 km/h headwind. Fun times.

  • Don't go off too fast, you've got all day.

  • Rad, I'll keep an eye out for you fixie skidders. Nothing like a sleep deprivation party.

  • Looking ok during the day now but wet at night. I've got the parts to repair the crashed bike tonight but I'm not sure I can drag myself out of bed at 4am to drive to Oxford, lumber around and drive home.

    How's your motivation at the moment?

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Audax rides

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