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  • My whole world has fallen from beneath me in the last month.
    I’ve moved out of our flat and am staying at my Mum’s gaff for the foreseeable.
    I’ve not been at work all month and not ridden more than about 5 miles this year since.
    I’m on some magic pills at the minute, but they are messing me up physically and mentally (supposedly they should fix me eventually though)
    I’m gonna have to hand over the reigns on this one, because I can’t see things changing to a point where my head will be in a place where I’m gonna be able to ride this.
    Sorry for not letting you know earlier, but I’ve been in a pretty bad place recently.
    Sorry again, James.

  • Sorry to hear that, hang on in there buddy! Hope to hear that you're back into your rides soon. You've been a big Audaxpiration to me.

  • You've been a big Audaxpiration to me.


  • Just seen the weather tomorrow for the Winter Boat Ride....not good 😒

  • Looks fine? It's all above 0degC so no ice. Doesn't even look damp, there's only a shower in the afternoon.

  • BBC weather >>>

    Pick a different town on the route and weather will be different, ie. it's windy/showery so there's basically no useful forecast and you can almost certainly dodge any rain if you don't mind waiting a few minutes.

  • Yep, fair point

  • Are you riding it Fatty?

  • Called him by real name.
    Internet will now end in 24hrs.

  • Fuuuuuuck. Edited.

  • Nah, I mentioned it to the missus and she was 'meh'. We rode it last year I think, on her new bike and it snowed and she had saddle issues so it's probably not in her list of favourite things to do. It'd filled/closed when I last looked.

  • Not just the internet.

    Dark Matter makes up most of the universe... that's hippy's shadow.


  • Many on here done a Fixed SR? Looking at doing it this year.

  • I've got a place and need the miles so will be slogging into that wind for 100km

  • Doing some planning. Audax start locations are so infuriating when you don't drive

  • That's what ECE's are for.

  • I need the miles but have a new edition of Hippy's Little Book of Excuses hot off the presses so I'm going to go drinking with a mate instead.

  • @J_a_m_e_s__ that sucks. Hope things improve.

    Small change to team 2 as well this week. So I've updated team 1 as well, hopefully correctly.

    LFGSS Arrow Team 1 - Long and flat

    1) hippy (400km lead out man)
    2) jsabine (?)
    3) Super_ted (beer carrier 1)
    5) cjr (unless he's washing his hair 😜)

    Lfgss Arrow Team 2 - Shorter but slightly hillier

    6) jaeyukdapbap (is this longer than 200km?)
    7) inappropriate_bike (hill-finder general and filler of forms)
    8) ruserius (is this the fixed-friendly team?)
    9) Ecobeard (riding in the direction of home)
    10) cgg (relapsing audaxer)

  • Thanks. This is why grumbling on the internet is always worthwhile.

  • I've been guilty of wrongly equating calendar events and audax, when really there are so many more types of events

  • Lost my mojo a bit with audax.
    entered the boat ride today which would have been my first since last June. But last night I decided I just didn't fancy spending all day out and dns'd. Did an hour and a half on the turbo instead, finished by 8am, then a free day!
    Need to get some miles in at some point.

  • If it makes you feel better I've done fuck all riding outside that isn't a commute.

  • Not just me, then...

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Audax rides

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