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  • I'm getting chaperoned round by my son. He's been promoted to chief navigator this year.

  • Well, if I get my act together I'll be on my red Varonha, in principle, being slow... See you there maybe!

  • If I audax on my Tandem, how many brevet cards do we need?

  • my Tandem, how many brevet cards do we need?

    Two. You both have to enter.

    On a recent ride I did the pilot scratched after 450km at the central control, so the Stoker went on by himself on his standard bicycle.

  • I'll be riding a dirty green fixed, with home made saddlebag, with various patches sew non.
    The boy will be on a blue Mango OG with a high rise stem and rat trap pedals.

  • Poor Frank. He's sat idle in his room for the entire six week holdays and is a little sore right now.

    Nice day out today - very warm, with multiple navigation errors, but a good day out.

  • Sorry, I was not on the Varonha but the Roberts in the end... I did ask a guy with a dirty green fixed bike if he was you but he wasn't! I hope I didn't offend him when I said "are you James? He said he'd be on a dirty green bike"
    It was a nice dirty bike... A Hobbs of Barbican...
    I didn't finish, couldn't have never made it at the time I'd say at home, too many walking bits, done with lots of pedestrian... And I'm naturally slow anyway. I texted Bill to let him know I was not completing.
    I stopped following the route at the HMS Belfast (69km in theory) and went to Richmond and back for the sake of doing 100k today. Nice day, met nice people...

  • I think that might have been a man called Dave. Was he riding with a lady?

    Frank commented to me at th velodrome actually that there was a guy riding an identical bike to me. I said it was probably a little better specced than mine!

  • Nice day out today - very warm, with multiple navigation errors, but a good day out.

    I'm not sure it's possible to ride the sightseer without navigation errors.

    Mostly due to GPS having a hard time in the City, and some of the daft infrastructure requiring turns in odd places, but also because the roads keep moving around!

  • I have never validated it, the couple of times I entered, I rode out to the start and then finished in Rotherhithe (the route goes past the door of my old flat).

  • I rode Thanet Platinum at the weekend, I've been trying to do routes I haven't done before this year (except for DIY's). Great route, few tough climbs which I wasnt really expecting, riding along the seafront at Hastings was a bit of a hassle as it was very busy due to the weather, but I do love rides that go to the sea.

    Finishing at a brewery was a winner and great food included at the finish, I would thoroughly recommend it.

    Next is Borders of Belgium on Thursday, need to give the bike a bit of TLC before then, new tyres and disc pads going on tonight. @fussballclub are you riding, saw your name on the start list.

  • Weather doesen't look too bad for Fenland Friends.

    Never done anything more than 300k, hope I havent bitten off more than I can chew 🤞

    I am riding with @Klar she is on sickfades Brother Kepler, I am on white genesis CdF with safety pizza, say hi!

  • In the same boat here re: 300. Feeling surprisingly okay about it I think.

    Will be on a B'Twin (yeah I know) with a few Penge CC folk. You staying in Great Dunmow tomorrow / Scunthorpe on Saturday? GLAMOUR!

  • I'm riding that. Might see you out there.
    Can almost remember what you look like. Chubby white guy just like your avatar, yeah?

  • yep! cant wait to see your new hair

  • Who wants to get shitfaced in Dunmow on the Fri night?

  • Having lunch before the start of Borders of Belgium (beer included obvs).

    Worked my way though a decent selection of beers last night too, will have to keep a bit of a lid on it during the ride - such temptation many beers.

    Pissed it down yesterday, hoping that it holds of until at least tomorrow as the plan is to ride through tonight.

  • The whole point of me riding that would've been to drink EVERYTHING the whole way around. Bit said I'm not doing it but I had a month and a half off already and mortgages apparent'y don't pay themselves off..

    Have fun. Are you noting the beers you have anywhere?

  • Yep will note stuff I've had, not had anything new yet but definitely will the route goes past the Orval Monastery.

  • He's not riding now, apparently away on Holiday

  • Feel weirdly somewhat psyched out by the Fenland Friends ride report :s I've never done an X-rated event that's longer than 24 hours and think my main issue will be not stopping&eating enough in the way I would if there were traditional "cafe controls"; perhaps unnecessarily worried about leaving my bike unattended; at the same time, is it really necessary to stop at EVERY wetherspoons, mcdonalds and petrol station you pass on the route?? Maybe..

    I'm riding out from Colchester so a nice early start for me, coincidentally after having to get up at ~5 tomorrow morning to get to Oxford for a job interview; should be fun.

    Just feel a bit stupid and underprepared about it all tbh

  • It's only 'necessary' to 'stop' where you need a receipt control. When I'm doing them fast I load up the bike with food and barely stop getting ATM receipts or coffees and rolling on. This one I'm just going to tap it out and stop when I want.

    I learned the hard way about X-rated style events doing Beast from the East as a helpers ride and naively assuming the English countryside was abundant with 24hr places as London. I don't make that mistake any more. Load up going into the night. It's also always colder than you expect it to be (especially if you run out of food!) so prepare for that.

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Audax rides

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