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  • Was going to do that too, but my sister's decided to get married that weekend. Very inconsiderate. Think I'll probably end up doing the perm in Aug...

  • There is an outside chance I will.
    I was debating ECEing this up to 800, or ECEing Torkshire via Essex upto 1000. The latter is definitely off, but I'm still umming and arghing about the 600+200ECE.

  • I've signed up for it, will see how it goes. Tried my first 600 last weekend but had to stop 380km in due to knee pain.

  • Just signed up for straight outta hackney on 15th September, so that puts paid to Fenland Friends - zilcho chance of two saturdays off in a row.

    As it doesn't attract any AAA, seems like an opportune ride to see if a SR series next year on my Mezzo is possible.

  • Nope - I'm on the Surrey/Hampshire border. Staying at a mate's in town the night before to do it! New route for me entirely. Will let you know if it's any good...

  • I didn't realise it was in the calendar yet, I wonder when Ivan will run GMC, as i think that was a weekend he was considering.

    I wouldn't bother with Fenland Friends, it doesn't go anywhere decent and there is no scenery. IMO if you are going to spend 30 hours plus riding 600k, you might as well enter the 'harder' events that get you some reward from the scenery.


    I propose an ACH double header weekend.
    Straight Outta Hackney 200km warm up on Saturday, then over the river for a cheeky Sunday GMC 300.

    The logic with FF was whilst I'm still relatively fit, try and get a 1000 in before the end of the season.

  • Don't be afraid to change things up on the ride. The best thing I ever did was to get a seat pin that is really easy to adjust so I can move the saddle back and forward or adjust the tilt independently. What length stem are you running? I bought an adjustable angle stem to play with until I figured it the right handlebar height and reach. Looks ugly as hell, but allowed me to dial in the position in a few rides. Now I've swapped it out for Deda that matches the best position I found.

  • On the way back from a Catholic Education, in Hammersmith. Lovely ride, absolute carnage riding back into London though. How do you all deal with that every day!?

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  • I rode this as a DIY today. It was another 50km added on by the time I got to/from Hammersmith.
    Nice route. Nothing too punishing.
    Pubs full with people chanting football songs.
    Everything from St Albans on the way back home was pretty congested though. Thanks for the suggestion.­4941

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  • Think I saw you out there. I enjoyed that ride but I almost never head out of (or back into) London to the northwest, precisely because of that. I felt like I'd had a pretty good day out, and was running up against a self imposed time limit, so I scratched and hopped on the train at Rickmansworth and don't regret it at all!

  • Just seen that the ride back through northwest London coincided with a Taylor Swift gig - that must have been like an 80,000 strong school run!

  • El scorchio on Meridian Hills today.

    Defeated at the end by Barsted again. Just too hot.

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  • Anyone riding Jack Eason Struggle on Sunday?

    I rode it last year and it was a nice ride. Apart from a couple of lumps, its pretty flat, so definitely suitable for fixed, but then all routes are, aren't they?

    I've not entered yet, because I've spent all my sweeties money till the weekend, but am gonna ride out and hope there's still some cards left.

  • I was signed up, but now can't make it (I told the organiser last week) so hopefully there's at least 1 spare spot!

  • Good on you for sticking it out mate, sounds like you were rewarded for your persistence in the end. #knowhowitfeels

  • How come you're not riding the orange thing? You should be using your TCR bike for everything.

  • This is true, this is true.
    I've left it too late but it's getting its distance debut this weekend. Struggled to get position right. Never fear though, will be riding the Straight out of Hackney route (via Epping though) to drop a saddle off to @bananaskid this Sunday.
    Stand by for reduced speeds etc

  • I wonder when Ivan will run GMC, as i think that was a weekend he was considering.

    The AUK website now has this in as Sat 29/09/2018.

  • Cheers, I definitely learnt more on this one than LEL, that was more like a supported tour really.

    Congrats on TABR, great achievement!

  • Anyone done ACME 1000? Would like to do a long DIY in september and this looks good.­e-grand-1000-tom-deakins-audax-event#rou­tes/27644062/preview

  • Anyone up to ride GMC next weekend? I fancy DIYing it and could use some company.
    My eldest is away and have the green light to ride both Sat and Sun so could work round whatever works for you.

  • It's on right now, think only Tom has actually ridden it yet

  • I'm in France or would have been up for it

  • Jack Eason Struggle. Thouroughly reccomended to all.

    Having loaded up my self made saddlebag with my secret 1lb batter loaf (selfraising flour and soya milk bake at gas mark 4 for 45minutes, a bag of fruit jellies, banana loaf and a big bottle of tesco energy pop, I left home at 0600, pedalling the 30k or so to the start, because I'm too tight for the train.

    It was pretty apparent that it was going to be a scorcher. I'd drunk both my water bottles by the time I'd got to Maidenhead.

    Only me on fixed today, and the shade offered no respite from the heat. It was seriously warm today. Certainly at least one succumbed to the heat. A good rider who's path has crossed with mine on The Shark and GMC, whoa name embarrisingy I can't recall. I hope you are well soon and got home safe.
    It was nice to bump into Keith and Eddie, two local riders, with whom I spent most of the day, both this year and last.
    Unforetunately I witnessed a poor lady really hurt her arm crashing over a tree root just before Kingsley. Whipping along on her e bike under the shade, not seeing it untill far too late. Nice couple. I hope she's not in plaster too long.

    All in all, another great day, no riders run over by horses, or shoulders dislocated by Tesco vans this year. Almost ruined by the dickhead in the red peugeout near Colnbrook. If I can elbow(!!!) your car, simply put, you are too close.

    Hopefully it runs next year. If it does, rest assured I'll be their. Its a deceivingly tough ride, with some right stinkers of climbs.

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Audax rides

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