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  • Heads Up... Sunny days are here again, which means it's almost time for this years London Ditchling Devil, a 200km Audax from Wimbledown to the South Coast and Back to Richmond.

    The Ditchling Devil is supported by voluntary groups and cycling clubs who support the controls at Highbrook Village Hall (nr Ardingley), Upper Beeding (nr Steyning) and Chiddingfold (nr Haslemere) , providing the home-made refreshments included in the entry fee, and as this is an Audax we are talking real food: bacon rolls, pasta and lashings of tea and cake! Event veterans will know what to expect!

    See or just Google "Ditchling Devil" for details.

    Those that know will tell you it's a grand day out. :)

    *Apologies for listing here but I cannot seem to access the 'Events' page for some reason.

  • I'm not sure what it is with fixed nutters in our club. The ACH club record for AAA points belongs to JJ and stands at 133 in a season (2013), that included 10 times around AWE.

    It would be good if you can keep them going James, makes sense for them to stay with ACH too, as I think 3 of the 5 individuals Billy was referring to that regularly enter are probably, yourself Jonah and Skillen.

  • Doing the sums in my head - Brimstone and Tan Hill 200 (the only calendars definitely on) would take me to 83.5.

    That leaves 50points.
    6AWEs and a Hardboiled perm (only if I finish Brimstone) would be another 25.5. (I do have two Dean cards, but AWE would mean more AAAs)

    GMC in September (makes it a round 30) if it runs is on the hit list too - if it is the same weekend as last year it will be on my birthday (ride to start of AWE after and make it a 8AAA weekend anyone?)

    That would leave 20poimts which would have to come from Perms. (Another 6 AWEs)

    Aargh - why you have to tell me that? The wife is making quite a bit of noise about time out over the last few weeks, hence I'm grounded till the Bank holiday, but I do have 4months after Brimstone to fit 14rides.

    It's possible, I guess, but the goal remains 100 (and Wessex SR if I can finish Brimstone). I don't want to count chickens though - gotta get round Brimstone yet. And I'll probably need a couple of night rides and go into work on no sleep the next day to fit them in.

    221FWC is out of the question though. It would only be 6points short though.

    So - 14rides in 17weeks I make it. (15 rides to rob the the ACH FWC from JJ - assuming he's not planning anything too silly from here on out. Crackpot is on apparently) Distinctly possible, but for the sake of my marriage, most certaitnly not.

  • 100 AAA would be an epic achievement and is not to be understated!

    Good to keep some brownie points in the piggy bank for future seasons too!

  • I know - I'll be very happy indeed if I make it.

  • Imagine how I feel, doing the equivalent of 100 points in two rides but not getting them.
    #becauserace Sigh.

    So you have to do it for me. Tell the wife to poke it and get it done. HTFU (hill the fuck up)

  • I regularly do this, but it's very flat (I am shit at hills):

    Changing it up this weekend by going to Whitstable and back.

  • I've entered the Dauntsey Dawdle this weekend, but the start time is putting me off slightly, I'm not sure I can be arsed getting up at 4am to ride to the start or sleep at the hall the night before.

    I'm thinking I might attempt something i've been thinking about for a while which is a Greenwich Mean Climb/The Shark double instead. Means I can do the GMC on Saturday get home about 11pm, have a full night sleep in my own bed and go out on Sunday to do the Shark.

  • I'm throwing my hat in the ring for one last 25mi so decided against a 400k the day before :)

  • Probably wise, just don't fill the time you would have spend doing the 400k with beer drinking instead! :)

  • I'm not making any promises :)

  • Decided to go for it, I've sent Paul DIY entrys for The GMC/Shark combo this weekend, goodbye knees.

  • Yes - no reason not too really!

    Is this prep for the Highlands?

  • Sort of, I had planned to do the Kingston 400 as my longest ride before the Highlands, but this way I will get a later start, an extra point, some AAA points AND a proper sleep in my own bed on Saturday night!

  • Has anyone got a route from Poole area back to London?

    If i don't make the last train home on Sunday, I'm gonna ride jome the next day (albeit slowly and sorely no doubt)

    There' no intention of ECE or anything Audaxy, just a [cough] flat route back.

  • I have a route from Kingston to Chesil Beach that you could do in reverse;

  • Has anyone got a route from Poole area back to London?

    @GoatandTricycle ??

    If you go via New Forest, personally I'd stay off the A35.

  • Where in London?
    I’ve done south and north of the A31 a few times and refined my route somewhat. From both central and south east.
    Just on my way home now but can share something later.

  • Might as well extend that 6 miles and grab two points!

  • this is a good one

  • Fussballs route looks pretty good.
    My routes follow the M3 a bit more closely.

    For Poole I’d stick North of the A31 via Wimborne anyone who knows Bournemouth Poole conabation knows it’s rubbish to cycle through.
    Just avoid the Somerly Private Estate which my route planner took me through!

  • West technically. I'd be interested to see it, but i think @fussballclub has just the ticket.

    Thanks everyone!

    @mustardbeak - this will be a leisurely poodle that may not even happen if I can get round in under 38hrs and get the train home. I'm not even sure I'll have the legs!

  • Definitely North :-)
    Let me see what I can find now.


    This goes through that estate I mentioned other than that pretty good bar maybe the Romsey to Winchester bit.

    Looking at Fusballs route I’ll try a merge of the two next I think.

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Audax rides

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