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  • Finished my RRTY today, proper shit day for a 200. Fog didn't clear all day and made the last 5 hours a bit sketchy in the dark, A24 was a genius plan.

    Had knee trouble from about 140k, which got progressively worse until it felt like someone was sticking a knife in my knee, I nearly cried in Catford only 2 miles from home FFS.

    Got home and was shaking so decided to jump straight in a hot bath, which was a terrible idea, I started shaking violently and had a panic attack, brilliant.

    Anyway the conditions were awful, but there was no way I was stopping, as I'm not sure I fancy doing this award again.

    This is the one thing I really really wanted to achieve this year after two previous failed attempts, it's good to find the edges sometimes as I can't imagine packing on anything after today.

    Just goes to show what a fucking epic achievement Jake's ride was the other day!

  • This morning.

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  • Turner's.

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  • Props to you! I haven't touched my bike in two weeks.

    Have signed on for the Willy Warmer on the 21st, and will be doing at least one 200/250 a month (prolly a 300 in April) in the run up to BCM, so thinking I may as well have a stab at RRTY next year. I know I'll prolly end up failing by one ride in Nov/Dec or something dumb like that tho.

  • Good going! I finished my RRTY on the 28th.

    I found December to be ok but no idea how I got started in Jan/Feb last year.

  • My last ride was the 19th of November, apart from my 4 mile commute which I did about 10 times since which is probably why I broke myself today.

    I will be doing the Willy Warmer probably, it was stupidly cold last year. Hard Boiled in April, The Dean on 25th March is a popular classic.

    I don't think I have a place on BCM as my cheque hasn't been cashed, so need to make other plans it's a brilliant ride.

  • Well done, I see why people say it is one of the hardest challenges, Feb was miserable, I did Chiltern Grit and my main memory is a massive headwind and rain all day, pub finish though which is always welcome!

  • I didn't have any fog though really! Amazing effort - sorry to hear about your panic attack. Congrats on the RRtY. A relief, right!?

  • All good now thanks, my heart rate went through the roof, never had anything like it before, feeling loads better now. Definitely another thing ticked off!

  • Massive well done Jb. Great effort.

  • Anyone doing the Poor Student this Sat?

  • LEL, who else is riding?

  • I hope to be but have to wait until the 20th to enter, boo

  • Good luck, I'm sure there will be ample places left

  • Hope so, they had over 300 applications last night apparently

  • I hope to get a spot for LEL too, will have to wait until the 20th too... we shall see.

  • I think even if everyone who is eligible takes up a place there would be around 6-700 left hopefully, fingers crossed for everyone!

  • Don't think I've ridden since lel2013.... for my sins, I'm signed up for 2017.

  • You know what to expect! It will be the first time I have gone beyond 600k

  • I deleted my LEL calendar entry. I think TABR and TCR will be enough.

    With that in mind... what the hell audaxes can I enter now? I need to get my arse into gear and start riding!

  • :-)

  • what the hell audaxes can I enter now?

    I'm doing Willy Warmer weekend after next.
    You've also got all the reliability rides in the Chilterns. Ours is full this weekend but there is the Quest one on Sunday week. I'm doing Harp Hilly Hundred the following weekend (and most likely the Willesden one in Feb).

  • I've got a club dinner then so I'll probably not be able to Warm my Willy and still make it to the bar on time. I used to get to most of the Chiltern Rels but have struggled in recent years. I'll have another look at the dates. Thanks for the reminder.

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Audax rides

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