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  • I had to bail on a Mille Pennies as I was sick. I've done Tan Hill on a TT bike so I think nowadays with disc brakes, MTB cassettes, Di2, etc, the bike will basically pedal itself around...

  • I used to do flattish audaxes on a TT bike but what was the point of doing that, and the crazy wessex ones you did? Other bikes all in the wash?

    I bailed on mille pennines before I even started it when I was knackered from other stuff and realised how hard it would be.

  • I can't remember. Maybe an exercise in specificity.

    Just looked, it was 2016 so after all my 24hrs and before TCR4, so that TT bike was probably the shittest bike I had, plus there were issues so I didn't get my TCR bike built until the weekend before aka the thing you should never do. TT bike was likely closest thing to the Kinesis 4S Disc I used.

  • Is this the correct site for the BCM next year?­n-chapman-memorial-600-2/?reviews-page=3­ I appreciate Audax types are typically not the best at the internet, and it's a bit far in advance, but I couldn't find much other information after a quick google.

  • Ah, is it a change of organiser?
    Ritchie Tout, who used to do it, was a bit of a techphobe.

  • I have no idea tbh , I've never ridden it before, but I'd like to next year.

  • Ah, is it a change of organiser?

    Yes, GWR are taking it on for this year and entries are yet to open. Will be able to enter online this year as opposed to by postal entry only

  • PBP Qualifications are underway for me here in SE Asia.

    This past weekend I traveled to Malaysia to take part in their "New Season 400" which was a bit of a main road bash around the Durian farms East of KL. Thankfully I like the smell of Durian...

    The course was rolling hills but with over 150 entries there were big groups on the road pushing the pace. It was a nice change from UK riding and good fitness with an avg moving speed of 28 kph. Stopped time was significant with lazy street food, puncture and gas station stops. It was a nice to experience the different culture with stops at particular times of day at a towns mosque for the Muslim riders to do their prayers.
    Wildlife highlights were monkeys on power lines spectating and Komodo Lizards (dragons) as roadkill.

    On Friday I head to Philippines to take part in a double header from Subic in the NW of Luzon. The Saturday they are hosting a BRM 300, followed by a BRM 200 on Sunday. They are a little workman like with it being 150 out and back on Saturday, and then the same route but 100km out and back on Sunday. From a cost perspective though I am happy that I can get two rides done with one trip. With the 4am start I hope to be finished by lunchtime to make my evening flight back to Vietnam.

  • Cool write up. May I ask a favour? Please please please post some pics! Am so interested in how other cultures approach audax. For example when I see what the Pune Ranndonuers get up to I want to re-evaluate my whole approach to bikes (and life)

  • Photos to come!

    I should add I was riding the DBAD bike @amey brought it to existance. It's finally living out its birth right and seeing some of the world.

  • I saw on the gram! HUGE KUDOS.

  • Entries open for BCM on 1st December according to YACF.
    Memories of how miserable my second BCM was have faded sufficiently that I was going to sign up, but it clashes with a much more fun multi-day Scottish thing I'm doing. So will maintain my retirement from 200k+ events for a while longer. Possibly permanently.
    But would highly recommend it to anyone that's not done it before.

  • Do rides of less than 200km count towards the Fixed Wheel Challenge?

    Now that the Audax website has updated and displays the current Audax season points, I’m a little confused: I have completed 5 rides (3x100 and 2x200) totalling 700km distance, but my audax points are only 4?

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  • Was your last ride a 100? Maybe it's not been allocated the point, dunno. Answers to your questions are below. 100km rides count­wheel/fwc-regulations/­wheel/faqs/

  • Because they're in perms is the points not halved for Audax points?

    I think I was told 100km counts for Fixed Wheel points when I queried with previously.

  • Thanks!

    Maybe it’s not been allocated yet. I’m not really bothered about audax points, just FWC points so as long as the 100’s count I’m happy.

  • I thought that your audax points were capped at the amount you achieved in calendar events if you had achieved more in perms. Or something. All those rides are perms so who knows.

  • Yeah I can't remember how the points work and can't actually find the answer on the website anymore. Checking my results from a couple of years ago I got 20 fwc points and it looks like I got 20 auk points too and all the rides were DIY so not sure.

    100km should get you the point for FWC though I'm sure.

  • You don't get AUK/championship points for rides below 200km

    You do get FWC points for rides of 100km or more

  • After re-reading rules and looking over my riding this year I could have definitely got the FWC award, lots of dumb (but fun) climbing in the Peaks / Downs alongside some audaxes would have meant that had I been in with 20 points I'm sure. Silly. Although the goal was a FW SR, not just chonking out lots of fixie miles with gratituous climbing because I just do that naturally

  • Oh god that post

  • 2023 AAA list is up now. I wonder if that means we're done with changes to the 2022 list?

    What other stupid audax thing can I do this season?

  • Pub - London - Edinburgh - London - Paris - Brest - Paris - London - Pub ?

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Audax rides

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