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  • Hey Gonz,

    Have you got a strava activity or a route for this? Can't find one online and I'm curious about it

  • Sure do, not sure if Strava link works from my phone but RWGPS link should do.

  • That looks absolutely ideal - I could head up a little further and start top of Angelsey as well. Thanks very much!

  • Legend, thank you

  • Tentatively pencilling in a DIY 200 on Sunday 25th September if the weather isn't totally shite. Route TBC but will likely be from SE out into Kent I guess, maybe a bit lumpy.

    If anyone is keen to join let me know.

  • Question: can you complete a super Randonneur series using DIY’s?

    Just had a 600 validated which should complete my SR series but it’s not showing up on the audax website.

  • Yes.
    They can sometimes take a day or so to show in your results.

  • I don’t see why not. It probably just depends on the expeditiousness of your local org x AUK web boffins, I’ve had delays before.

  • If you are in the South East region, a month isn't uncommon tbh...

  • How long ago did you complete? It will go up eventually. Pretty sure DIYs count in an SR.

  • Thanks all!

    Completed it about a month ago but it’s only just been validated. Thought my SR would have been awarded automatically.

  • This is one of the things I love about British audax, very few people know what’s going on. We’re all members of a niche cult with a few high priests who actually know and understand the rules and often only communicate via SAE. I love it.

  • Do you mean your name on the list of SR riders or just on your 'completed rides and awards '?

  • On the completed rides and awards.

    It appears to have updated overnight. Good to know you can complete a SR series using DIY’s.

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  • What link is that from?

    I'm just looking at results page. I'm on the 5000 list but not the 10000 list. What do I need to do for that one? Is that where the Arrows come into play or the PBP/LEL stuff?

    "The Randonneur 10,000 award was created in 1998 and is obtained by riding BR or BRM events totalling 10,000 km in a Randonneur year.
    You may count the same rides towards your Super Randonneur but your R10000 supersedes your R5000."

    Yeah, that ain't happening. Too many DIYs chasing AAA points.

  • It's just the drop down on the front page. I think you are misreading his R1000. They need to be BR/BRM, so doing a perm counts but not a DIY (I think).

    It's the Brevet5000/25000 that needs arrows, Pbp/LEL etc.

  • No, I was looking at the lists I was in. That second question wasn't related to hollow legs screenshot. I just saw extra stuff in the dropdown so checked it out and noticed I wasn't in the 10k one.

  • Ahh. Just had a nosey, DIY rides count, but BR/BRM start at 200km. So you wouldn't get any for those 50km AAA loops.

  • Some longer rides aren't BR/BRM either though, like the 1000k we did in France.

  • Which was that? There's one in Provence I think where the organisers fell out with ACP so not sure how that works.

  • Might be the same. Mille du Sud. It had 20,000m of climbing in it so with a 75hr time limit it'd be a pretty tricky ride. We were just inside the 100hr time limit as it was and that was already pretty low on sleep.

  • Hi all,

    Did the New Forest Offshore and Onshore 200k over the weekend. What a great ride that is. A circuit of the Isle of Wight that cut through the middle to avoid the hills around Ventnor. The road surfaces on the IoW are so smooth. Jumped on the chain link ferry to make the river crossing at Cowes and then continued on to make the 13:oohrs ferry back to Lymington from where we continued the remaining half of the ride round the New Forest. This second half was supposed to be flat according to reports although it did have some climbs in it. Thoroughly recommended if any of you get the chance next year.

  • Sounds like a smaller scale version of 6+6 Isole (Sicily + Sardinia)

  • ...and significantly cheaper!

    Looks good, however I'd be tempted to replace my double espressos for the local Mirto knowing how good they are at warding off those morning dozies.

  • Quite the ding-dong at the top of the chAAArts. Isn't it. Come on, Hippoid!

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Audax rides

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