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  • Yeah, we're gonna pull the pin on this Wales ride. Probably left too late to cancel hotel booking so more money down the tube due to these fucking teeth. If anyone is riding it and wants a hotel near the start let me know - I think the missus is trying to get some coin back but if they won't cancel it, it'll be available.

  • I might as well do an AAA SR this year, so I've got a 400 left to do.

    Can anyone jog my memory of 400s with AAA points that are vaguely near London? DIY routes, perms, etc. I know about Faffers 400, but would rather not start from Didcot.

    LWL, Dauntsey Dawndle, Paddington Express, none of those have AAA.

    Feel like I might need to point the route into Dorset or something to get the elevation up, then train home.

    Failing that I guess I could ride the BBC London 600 again, but fancy doing a 400 with 10pm start.

  • Dauntsey Dawdle has partial AAA for the section from Bexley Hill to Combe Gibbet

  • Ah interesting - but presumably the whole ride needs to carry AAA for it to be valid? Looks like DD is well off the 5100m threshold for 400s on the AAA page.

  • It only has 1.75AAA but there is no distinction made between partial and full AAA for the awards so would count towards an SR.

  • Aaah didn't realise this. Good to know, ta!

  • I’m in the opposite boat, looking for a dead easy 400 near LDN for my maiden SR Series. Current options are a lightly extended Dun Run there and back, or a route called Around the Weald in A Day wot I found on RWGPS. Am erring towards Essex as I see a lot of Kent. Suggestions welcome.

  • Just need to remember Dun Run roads in and out of London during daylight hours are generally not so lovely.

    You could bolt on a ride to and from one of the ACME 300s to make up a 400? Eg Green and Yellow Fields is flat, though I find Norfolk brings its own challenges and I prefer climbing :)

    There's also a 400km version of the London orbital, the London circuit steam ride as well.­f=atd

  • Thanks for this. Orbital has never really appealed to me. I already have some ACME routes in Basecamp with a mind to extend, it’s just getting out there. Mind you a 4am start might be okay traffic wise, prob a bit busier in the way back circa +11pm though.

  • @youramericanlover

    @hippy my two young kids fuck with my sleep too much that I didn't feel confident I could do a 400 or 600 without getting hit with the major dozies. When sleep is more even I think it should be totally fine

    How close to time limit are you on 400 and 600s? You're allowed to have a nap you know? A 15-30min powernap makes a massive difference to mental focus. No harm throwing one or two of those in during a 400k or 600k. See also: cans of Monster :)

  • I didn't attempt them - I finished a 300 and knew I needed to sleep. What was happen is that I was getting 4/5 hours of shit sleep a night every day of the week and didn't feel confident I could get around safely on a 400 and 600 starting out already exhausted. Also between you, me, and the forum my wife kinda got in my head. Ever since I broke my leg she's been mega safety-first and I think I sort of let her risk aversion play too much on my mind. Anyway I have clearance for another attempt next year. Unless someone wants to come out here and do a DIY 400 and 600 with me?? I need a ride buddy

  • I'm not doing non-AAA events until I win the AUK climbing thing, otherwise I'd offer to tow you around. I wonder if you'd cry more or less than my missus?

  • Mind you, I did a 50k yesterday and my fucking face aches like a bastard. Got a 200k this weekend which is gonna be unfun. It's taking too long to get over this wisdom tooth bullshit.

  • lol

    We’ve all seen you on Twitter during events, you cry like a baby.

  • I whinge. I keep going though. I don't sit on the side of the road sobbing like you lot.

    You and your 45mins of muddy tears.

  • I keep going though

    I'm not sure 12kph actually counts as "going"

  • Isn't your longest ride a 200k? You seem lost. The "what bikepacking bags do I need for 60k around Kent" thread is over there >>>

  • 220 I'll have you know!

  • Oof, overdistance. I hate those. bows

  • pew pew, shots fired

  • For the record, I made her cry twice and she cried on Finestre all on her own.

  • Rookie numbers

  • I thought she did quite well considering it was me she had to put up with. Most forum rides end up with at least 3 people needing to go to councilling after talking to me.

  • Well she's a more accomplished audaxer than me so I'm pretty sure my crying would be constant

  • She's done a lot of putting up with me. Expert Level, you might say. I'd be more gentle with you. :D

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Audax rides

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