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  • I don't think so, I think you can only look at them individually.­-events/ and search for Cambrian

    Then for each of them click on 'View' to get a link like­482 and then you can scroll down and click on the 'Control Locations' link to get a map view, e.g.

  • Not really. Some of them can be found on RWGPS (that's where I got the 1K route from). The perms maps site might give you a rough idea but I've not looked at the others.

  • When does the AUK site normally update to show the 'current season' points stuff?

  • It is usually about a month before the previous seasons results get locked down and the currennt season goes live.

  • It used to be tied in with finalizing points totals for the annual reunion/awards ceremony. That's been pushed out til spring this year so who knows.

  • Coolio. I can just see myself losing track of all the DIY submissions. I don't want to send the poor guy everything twice and confuse him and I don't want to forget any :)

  • When does the AUK site normally update to show the 'current season' points stuff?

    Well, it seems they heard me and this season's results are now showing.

  • Good morning, can I ask for some knowledge from some wiser audaxers?
    My goal this year is a fixed SR leading into a fixed LEL, I have the Moonrakers 300 under my belt already but then it dawned on me that I don't know how to ratify the rides as fixed?
    Do I simply mark the card at each ride , do I need to apply for an official fixed card for the ride or whole season or do I submit every thing at the end of the season?
    I have studied the Audax UK site and page on fixed but am none the wiser.

  • Get a card from Richard. Get each ride signed off, send card back at end of season. I’ll pm you his email address. I did my last SR fixed in 2019 but plan another one this season.

  • Beautiful, thanks!

  • The checkboxes on the back of the card are just for fun AFAIK. They aren’t verified or recorded anywhere else.

  • My goal this year is a fixed SR

    Me too, first DIY 200 on Tuesday.

    I LOVE my FWC brevet card

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Audax rides

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