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  • Hahaha oh yeah, I must have! Found the WKO entry

    "So much food!
    Wet and windy (and hilly) on the way back. Slept better with earplugs this time."

    Ok, it was when I did RATN, then a couple of weeks after Ben Allens Tour, then WCW, then I had Pendle slated but didn't do it, then I did Wander Wye and Last Gasp the next two. I remember doing 4x600s but I'd forgotten which ones. What's the one down south that I'm probably confusing it with then?

  • Fuck knows.

  • All I really remember about WCW was the food. At every control I think I ate a full slap up meal. And yeah we had one day of blazing sunshine and then the Sunday was just rainy.

  • WCW: different, appetising (vegan) food at every stop and a rear hub service 50km before the end. As good as audax organisation gets imho

  • I thought that was Wander Wye? I remember at one control one of the staffers drooling over the Mason. One of them had apple pie I think. Oh, which one had thingiebob's super boozy pudding? Was that Wander Wye or WCW? Jeez they've all totally blurred into one mess in my head.

  • Kernow & Southwest 600k was the south one I was thinking of. That one I've definitely not done. Definitely maybe. Maybe. I think not. Could be. Nah.

  • thanks all. good data.

  • Have done both. Think I prefered WCW from memory. Bray is nice.

  • The boozy bread pudding was definitely WCW.

  • They definitely all blurred into one and I don't think it was Wobbly's bread pudding!

  • You did, I remember meeting you there haha. You told me to make sure to eat more of that pasta bake at 1AM before bed which I couldn't stomach but should have done

  • Kernow & Southwest 600k

    Loved that ride, get to see an amazing variation of scenery throughout the SW.

    I even managed to go fast enough to get more than 15 minutes worth of sleep.

  • Was that at a small hall with stage at one end and tables lined out with people sleeping around the edges? and I was riding on a little further maybe as I'd booked a room somewhere further on or nearby? I really should get back into the habit of writing ride reports so all this doesn't turn into hippy head mush.

  • Does it still run or is it one of those every alternate year ones like Pendle?

    Pendle being the other one on my todo list.

  • No idea, you could ask Ian via yacf or Twitter (

  • Yeah, I think for the grrl's first 600k I'll keep it as easy as possible. Although climbing does make you forget about your arse pain for a while...

  • which one you thinking for the girls first? my first too so nothing to hard. Will be fixed also

  • It'll probably be one close to London and given I can't even remember the ones I've done I'm probably the wrong person to ask :D

    I reckon BBC 600 or Frank's one (which appears to actually be Alex's one).

  • First 600 has to be Bryan Chapman Memorial, everything else is just silly.

  • Hilly, involves travel and doing it as a DIY misses a lot of the nice aspects.

  • It’s Wales; I suppose a 600 loop around Milton Keynes has its charms as well.

  • I would also say Bryan Chapman.

    You could do it as a luxury DIY.

    Stay at the Two Rivers in Chepstow the night before, book a b&b in dolgellau next night, check in on the way up, have a sleep on the way back in comfort, then another night at the two rivers at the finish, bed only meters from dinner and pints. Make a nice weekend of it.

  • I found Bryan Chapman easier than the Flatlands.

    Flatlands - boring, nothing to look at only goes to shit places.

    Bryan Chapman - some of the best scenary in the UK, visits some nice towns, and goes through Snowdonia, sure it's hilly but its not like doing a 600 in Kent or something, the hills are all really manageable.

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Audax rides

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