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  • Me too. More likely to happen than continental stuff.

  • LRM Regulation 1.3.5 For events where the rate of climbing is greater
    than 11 meters per kilometre the President will give consideration to
    requests for extra time. This will normally be based on a 5% allowance
    for every full m/km of extra climbing (examples are given in Appendix
    3). Specific authority to adopt these allowances must be sought from
    the LRM President.

    I calculate this as a 160 hour allowance.

  • I rode Taste of the Test today starting in Amesbury. 200km 2500m following the Test in many sections. I would throurougly recommend it. It is very beautiful all around with no surprise gravel and quiet lanes. Riding up the road to the white horse at Alton Barnes is surreal with rolling hills and sun all around.

  • Is the gate still across the road after Watership Down, or has that gone now?

  • Not sure where that is mate, but there weren't any gates at all

  • Just have to bunny hop it surely...

    (The road through Ashley Warren on the one East of that?)

  • 😆

    The one through Ashley Warren. I've not been down it for nearly thirty years, but there used to be a gate by a farm that could be used to close the road.

  • I last rode that in 2010 on the Taste of the Test 200 it seems, so I don't have any up to date info...

  • Who’s riding The Shark? Gonna be riding it solo, but hoping to see some friendly faces along the way.

  • I am. Longest ride since September.

  • Yep, me too. At least it’s flat

  • Yes. From what I remember from last time the hills are not much of a problem. Apart from the last two. And that last one into Seaford is a bit steep. I've probably forgotten about the others!

  • Looks like a chose the right day to start back on my RRtY. Up to 5 now. After the Boroughs Spiral ride I did in December I’d wondered if it would be possible to do something without leaving Zone 3. Turns out the route plan was quite easy and ended up only needing to go south of the river as that’s where I live. Basically used this map to plot it, went diagonally across from New Cross to the North West then went east and west backwards and forwards a few times hitting the edge of Zone 3, cutting south a little bit then going back across. The ride itself turned out to be a or nicer than expected as well. Hit Tottenham at the morning school run which was a bit grim as was the End of school run as I was going through Chiswick.

    Would I recommend it. No. But if anyone wants the route I’m happy to share it.

  • Anyone riding Gentley Bentley this weekend? Fair few Brixton CC riders in the field.

  • @Thrasher DIY'd it I think?

  • I did. Because I couldnt get a place on the real thing. sob. Great route. Looks rainy though this weekend.

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  • Thanks, tried to do it last year but something stopped that. Let's try again.

  • Enjoyed Gently Bentley when I rode it a couple of years back. I'm on an indefinite audax hiatus at the moment as [whispers] I'm pregnant. Having all sorts of emotions seeing people I follow on Strava doing long rides these days!

  • Congrats

    Got a bike picked out yet? :)

  • Congrats! Gradually introducing the concept of 'what if we ride bikes... but all day?' to my 7yo ; )

    Whenever it was I last rode GB, ended up in that garden centre control with a clubmate who didn't really subscribe to the whole 'quietly efficient' audax thing.

    He ordered 3 courses, and had them bring his dessert when he'd finished his mains, then dropped his phone in the custard. Elapsed stoppage time, approx 1hr : //

  • Congratulations Niki, that's lovely news!

  • Haha, going to be one of those parents who gets very irked of anyone else even entertains the idea of getting them a bike I reckon

  • Get them in early, eh?

    I'd bonked hard and felt terrible by the time we got there last time. This meant when I just bounced the control at the Amesbury Amble because I couldn't bear going in again.

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Audax rides

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