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  • UK weather forecasting is pointless.

    I just start all rides with "it will rain at some point" in mind.

  • Finished an SR last weekend with a 400km route inspired by a recent Albion shoot.

    Highly recommended, though for some reason the ferries run every hour apart from the hour when we rolled back into Ryde, meaning an hour's wait. Though that was quite welcome for a short kip, given we'd set off at midnight and not had any.

  • good effort.

  • nice ride, for DIY are there time limits?

  • Yeah there is.
    Thing to do is look at the actual distance ridden and divide by 14.3 to get your maximum allowed time limit. I think for this the max time allowed was something like 30 hours. More than enough time for a lovely lie down on a ferry terminal floor.

  • oof, strong work!

  • Looks awesome, I've nicked the route – how was it for traffic?

  • It's basically quiet lanes for the most part. We did the first section overnight so didn't see a single car but there's no major roads, even if you're doing in daylight.

    Portsmouth is the worst for traffic -there's no avoiding it, but there's a few fast roads and mega roundabouts.

    Probably didn't help that we arrived in morning rush hour and left during school run traffic.

  • London Edinburgh London has been postponed (see FB).

  • For anyone doing this in the future it is possible to get through Portsmouth on a lot of segregated paths which avoid the horrible roundabouts and frantic drivers.
    This route picks up on your route in 2 places, not sure which way round you went but this works both ways. It utilises some underpasses and back routes.
    Into & out of IoW ferry

    Also I can do some work for anyone wanting to do this by modifying the route through Sussex to avoid the A29 and some of the other nasties along the way.

  • Ah that's good to know!

    I felt like I was potentially missing out on some good infrastructure somewhere, as we crossed over a few segregated paths on our way through.

    Would love to ride to a ferry departure at some point that doesn't involve a half an hour of 30kph stem chewing to not miss it as well.

  • Seems sensible I guess, given the number of international riders.

    Plus running it as an x-rated seems kind of pointless.

  • just updated my post with this route
    Into & out of IoW ferry

  • With hindsight, that looks blissful :)

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Audax rides

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