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  • Thanks, decided against it in the end just because Wales seems to still be less open in terms of shops, cafes etc. Giving the BBC London route a go tomorrow. Keen to do BCM soon hopefully.

  • These talks of LWL and BCM remind me of back in 2017 when @Ruserius and I did their calendar events one after the other with two weeks in-between (LWL then BCM); it struck me that we drew a big distorted 1000km figure of eight in space and time. Those were the days... Maybe it’s time I or we do it again in one go? Maybe not!

  • BoB email:

    due to the new rules of the National Security Council about COVID-19 it is no longer possible to organise (and ride) a long distance bicycle ride like the Borders of Belgium.
    We tried to hold on as long as possible, but with the infection numbers rising since 2 weeks it is the only sensible thing to do.
    Therefore we push the BOB2020 to 2021 and keep the same period: start on thursday 2 september 2021.
    The participants on the list keep their place on the list for 2021.
    An official statement on the website and facebook will follow soon

    Quite close to LEL. I'd probably pick this over LEL if it came to it, just because stopping at Cantillon before the Eurostar would be nice, and I've already ridden lots of the LEL route over the years vs the Ardennes, which I haven't

  • interesting, what is the qualifying criteria for BOB?

  • there's no qualifying criteria

  • That's well-timed. I told him I wasn't riding and he said he could either refund or keep my entry for 2021. See you in 2021 if the world hasn't ended by then.

  • Can you spell your own name?

  • I had to prove my Lambic tolerance and name 3 famous Flemish people

  • Vlaames de Vlammick
    Vlammick de Vlaames
    Vlamm e la ma Dinkdonk


  • How many people are in Soulwax? Them, and the bloke who carries their equipment

  • I'll definitely do this again next year now, I have unfinished business with this ride.

    I finished LEL I didn't finish this.

  • Next year's audax calendar is either the busiest ever, or half of it's going to get kicked into 2022 at some point :((

    I'd planned to organise an event this year, which is obviously now potentially next year.

    But now next year is full of events from this year that didn't happen, plus all the events that were going to happen anyway, and things I'm riding or hoping to ride, which leaves about 4 days in total within which running the event might be feasible.

    So that's looking a lot like 2022 as well, which I'm struggling a little to get excited about.

    (Obviously caveat with boo hoo hoo, a very niche bit of a niche sport has been affected by covid, there are bigger things to worry about, yes)

  • Aren't 2ManyDjs Belgian? Oh, just googled. Soulwax IS 2ManyDjs! :S

    Oh, I've got it! Tin Tin, Captain Haddock and Snowy. Sorted.

  • Who's doing a DIY tomorrow then?

  • I'll be out on the perm Wildcat Grimpeur. An out and back so you get all the devilish climbs twice.

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Audax rides

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