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  • Henley hilly hundred is a good one.

    Yep, that was the missus' first audax. On her singlespeed. The self-proclaimed "mountain goat" was walking up the first climb about 5min after leaving the start. It is pretty hilly.

  • Just got a message from Audax UK. Looks like things restarting August 1st. Limited to 200k.

  • Slightly amused I'm still down for Borders of Belgium in September as far as I know.

    No email and the website seems to have no mention of covid or anything being any different - Anyone had any correspondence from them suggesting otherwise? @hippy?

  • This is good news.

  • So far as I know it's still down to go ahead but I've not been paying all that much attention to be honest.

    Quote from: Colinf on April 10, 2020, 01:45:02 pm

    I notice the event entry page is still open for this, obviously everything is a bit of a unknown at the moment, but as the event is not until September are the organisers still planning on running it ?

    Yes, the event is still on the calendar. The Belgian calendar will undergo some changes but the Borders of Belgium will stay on the original date. As long as the National security counsel (about the Corona measures) give us green light to organise, the event will run. I have very good hopes it will be the case.
    Rohnny, organisor of the BOB.

  • Haha cool. At this point if covid hadn't happened, I'd have done an SR plus another 1000km brevet - as it stands I've done a few 200s and a 300-odd... Belgium's pan flat though, right? ; )

    I guess I'm still up for doing it, no idea how Belgian hotels and the like are going to work tho, with loads of riders from all over Europe with questionable hygiene all mingling together

  • I don't know. Badlands was moved so now it starts on the 6th.
    Do I really want to smash around Belgium in a couple of days? Nope.
    Do I want to fly to Spain. Not really.

    So, I'm kind of just hiding at home hoping something else will change forcing the decision for me.

  • Belgium's pan flat though, right? ; )


  • True. Would I ride 1000km around the UK at the moment? Don't reckon I'd risk it.

    I'd be happy with it being kicked into next year, but then it'll be a few weeks after LEL so I doubt I'd do both.

  • Can you see LEL going ahead next year?

    Personally I can't see us being in a place where a mass start international event takes place next year, i can't see schools being keen to open their doors to it either.

  • One option they’ve suggested is it being a low key UK X-rated type thing. I think I’d prefer that to the normal format tbh.

  • I'll be really surprised if it goes ahead. I've got a place but I've sort of binned it in my head now. There's no way I'm gonna be motivated enough to do a couple of 600s or something to see how I feel about those distances again before September tbh.

  • Yeah, innit.
    Even the thought of getting a ferry is icky enough without a pandemic going on.

    Also the thought of a socially-distanced Trollekelder afterwards is depressing

  • I've been pushing back a couple of 1000s in the UK for about 3 years now :)

    I've either been training, too fucked from races, couldn't afford more time off or now... Covid.

    The other thing I've been thinking about is getting a ferry over to Spain or France and riding south to Badlands. That would definitely means BOB is out the window. But I may skip Badlands and do BOB instead because it's a fair bit easier to get to. Really, no idea yet, which is why I want someone to force the decision for me :)

  • AFAIK audaux is starting up again in Belgium. 11/07 is the next ride so BoB should be good. IDK how many people attend, but audax are online sign-up only, and different starting hours. No idea how they would do that with BoB.

    I can always send them a message in Dutch if anyone wants that?

  • socially-distanced Trollekelder

    Shit, I didn't even think about that.

    Also, I assume the people that have booked his accom. options will be in some kind of halls? That's not going to be looked on so keenly.

  • I mean, the org responds to the YACF thread in English so I could also ask there?

    EDIT: Just bumped the thread with a question.

  • Pubs are open again here, just choose ten people from BoB to be in your social bubble and then you can get drunk with them..

  • Hotels, motels, etc?

  • @grams @mustardbeak - that's what I was thinking.

    I can see Travel Lodges being open with a bunch of safety measures by then.

    Obviously the event's known for the hospitality en route so it'll be a vastly different ride for people. Still, good to be able to ride through Barnard Castle and test out the old eyes.

  • Ah, didn't know that! Sleeping in halls is a no-go atm, hotel/motels/campings should be ok.

  • Could also be useful:

    pubs/restaurants/night shops open until 1.00 am. But most restaurants are reservation only. Lots of them did/are doing takeaway so that may be an option?

    Changing rooms/showers are closed at sports accommodations

  • Yeah, so maybe he will be looking for accommodation options for his pre-booked riders.

    It seems a lot of stuff is in the air a bit, so it probably could be done, but do riders really want the extra hassle on top of 1000k? It's hard enough trying to stay fueled and motivated before someone says "oh no sorry, you can only eat here if you booked yesterday" :)

    I know how that feels - I'm looking at your Switzerland! #tcrno4

  • and there are massive sections of the route which are already pretty barren shops-wise anyway

    99% sure I'm out

  • Bits of it are. Just like bits of France are :)

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Audax rides

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