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  • RRTY question - I've done a DIY 200km from October up until Feb. Let's say they start recognising DIY's from July, would that mean I've had to do at least a 200km ride up to an including January 2021?

    That is correct.

  • I received an email cancellation where I had to specifically ask for the refund, otherwise it would be donated to the village hall.

    It’s not a lot on its own but I’ve entered one every 2 or 3 weeks until July and had already written off next weeks Petworth ride. It soon adds up. I’ll probably write them all off as I’m saving a lot of other expense at the moment.

    I'll give some feedback as an Organiser. My own event on April 18th is postponed.

    1. For the longer / better supported events such as Dean's 1000 there are quite a few sunk costs such as bookings for Village Halls, route checking, etc. For me just running a 200, I've only put around £75 into the running of the event so far, with additional costs being postponed along with the event.
    2. Refunds are generally available in this instance however most orgs are doing this less paypal fees. Paypal has recently changed their T&Cs so the fees are still taken by them.
    3. Most organisers are looking to reschedule there event for later in the year or next, where entry is passed on. I realise dates won't work in all cases.
  • I sympathise with the organisers, sorry if that didn’t come across in the post. Could have added that I’m happy to give up the fee to ensure the events continue...

  • Sorry my tone didn't come across right in my post either.

    Totally understand it from both sides as I'm in both camps, rider / organiser. I was just trying to give some insight to the thoughts / conversations orgs are having.

  • Great, thank you

  • Wild Atlantic Way Audax has now been cancelled for 2020. Plan to be re-run in 2021

  • Oasts and Coasts cancelled, all the cash gone to a hospice.

    Bryan Chapman has wishful thinking rescheduled to a date in July, which I don't see happening.

    London > Lands End > London cancelled, they've given the entries to charity too.

    At least a tiny bit of good coming from the endless cancellations.

  • you reckon BoB will go ahead? sort of assuming even if it does, my fitness won't really be up to it given the circumstances

  • I'm being super pessimistic and in my head thinking all organised fun on bikes is pretty much not happening this year.

    It's an arse as I felt pretty good about everything I'd lined up as well.

    I'm going to keep riding to burn off calories, no 'training' as such really. Will be well out of the mindset for a 1000km ride by September I think!

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Audax rides

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