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  • I need to step it up a notch, clearly. If I had space for a cargo bike...

  • I'd maybe try my larry vs harry cargo bike, but it is e-assist and you need the battery installed to run the di2.

  • Great choice of beer in the down tube holster.

  • Kingston Wheelers report from 2016 seems to suggest cans of Jupiler available at the controls.
    How very Euro

    There was a control at Houyet (452km) and whilst I picked up a can of Jupiler and had my brevet card stamped Gavin went in a futile search for coffee.

  • Jupiler

    That ain't gonna cut it. I'll be keeping an eye out for nachtwinkels..

    "Chimay at the Habay control too" from yacf

  • Amazing.

    I've heard of French sportives where they have shots of pastis available on the trestle table amongst the boxes of gels, but this sounds next level

  • Is it wrong I'm more excited about this

    than this


    No, anything else would have had us seriously worried about you. :)

  • Skip the jupiler, go for tripel lefort!

    I'll be rooting for you guys.


    Not sure I've ever had that.

    Nope, just checked untappd. Looks like I have a new mission during this ride.

  • Hah, extra miles aren't that bad when it's for beer. I think "Blauw" is also from the same brewery. Same percentage as Jupiler (regular 'pintje') and refreshing. Might be better if you still need to bike 999 km.

    It's been a while since I've used untappd. Papegaei is also very good if you're into blond beers. I could go on but this is just making me thirsty and I'm still at work :(

  • I'm sure I've had Omer before but I can't find any pics of it.

    I just had breakfast... so of course it's the perfect time to ease into a blonde.

  • Yea, Blauw / Export is the same brewery, only comes in 33cl, so prefer that one over Jupiler's 25 :)
    The Le Fort is quite new, they brewed it after having massive success with Omer.

    If you want a proper cycling beer though, try Kwaremont from Bockor/Omer VDG's arch enemies (Bavik/ De Brabandere). Named after the infamous berg, with the alcohol content matching the hill's average incline of 6.6%.

  • What would you compare Kwaremont with? I've always skipped it in the shop as I thought it would be more gimmicky over being decent beer

  • Yeah I had some Kwaremont at the finish of RATN. I'd love one of their big bottles for home :)

  • It's wrong that, when they decided to do a TCR going East to West, they didn't finish it in Geraardsbergen

  • It's Bavik's reply to Omer, so basically Omer with a lower alcohol percentage (8 vs 6.6) with the added gimmick ofc.

    Standard Belgian blonde beer - Tasty :)

  • Yeah, I like that town. I might've been able to make the finish if it was there rather than FR too. Nevermind.

  • Not gimmicky imho. Top notch.
    From Mechelen I love the Carolus range from the Anker brewery. Handily they do rooms 🥳🥳

  • Carolus

    Top choice. Had a lot of their stuff over the years. Gouden Carolus is another of my go tos.­e/1534/6947/ for xmas

  • Anyone else on the boat ride on Sunday?

  • Entered my first few audax. 300, 600 & 1000... What does anyone do about bike locks? Any recommendations?


    Or something more substantial in your support vehicle

  • I've never brought one and it's always been fine. There's always likely to be people around the controls and I normally stop at bigger supermarkets and will bring the bike inside.

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Audax rides

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