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  • Just noticed it's on the bank holiday as well

  • I'm down for the Highland Fling, really looking forward to that, especially the night in the PoW camp, might even ride up from London if can get the time off.

  • That one looks great, on my list for another year.

    I've signed up for the KW London > Lands End > London which looks fine, until you get to Cornwall.

  • Yeah, I think I rode that then slept in the car and rode the Shawn's 400k down in Poole last long weekend.

  • Highland Fling coincides with the missus being away. Tempting.

  • It is tempting, I would do it I had a great time on the Highlands 1000 in 2018, but I'm trying to travel as little as possible for Audax (except the actual riding) this year and travel for actual holidays with my missus.

  • I've firmed up my aims this year to:
    Wessex SR
    Hyper SR
    London - Lands End - London 1000k
    50 points

    That will leave me needing less than 40 points the following season to get Brevet 25000­brevet-multi-season/ then I'll probably take up golf or something a bit easier!

  • Are you doing the Crackpot as part of the Wessex SR?

    It's on my audax bucket list, sadly (or maybe thankfully) the calendar event clashes with something else for me this year.

  • I wanted to travel less but it's not working out that way. At least there's less guilt about a 2hr train trip north compared to flying overseas.

    I think if I treat this like an audax rather than a smashfest I should be able to do this and not damage myself too much for Badlands.

    Is it the same route you did in 2018? Got a ride report somewhere or some notes about food/sleep stops etc?

  • I've decided against Crackpot. For the lands end ride I don't need to take any additional time off or pay for hotels, as I'll be home when I finish.

    Also frankly, finishing the Wessex SR will be a massive achievement for me, and I don't know if I'll get round that, so entering Crackpot before that feels a bit risky.

  • Whoops, keyboard accident, seem to have entered Highlands 1000k.

  • It's a completely different route, we started in Edinburgh and rode over to Oban, did a west coast loop and then back to Edinburgh, loved the riding up there though hence the temptation.

  • Haha winner, riding in Scotland is ace

  • Wessex SR

    Not bothered about doing them in a year but I would like to do the 600 (Cal or Perm) and the Crackpot one day (yes, still talking about rather than riding it). Annoying that it finally gets a calendar event and I can't ride it.

  • Yeah, I've done lots of England and I've done Ireland but almost no cycling in Scotland (riding up A-roads for LEJOG recces doesn't count) so I wanted to try and get Scotland in before I disappear to Spain. Plus it has the no-flight advantage.

  • Yeah it's kinda a club right of passage for ACH, which I've avoided so far

  • Yep fair enough. I'm looking forward to the Lands End one for the same reason.

    The Andy Corless LEJOG was tempting but cba getting back from John o Groats, not least because the easiest way home seems to be flying from Inverness.

  • I had the same thought r.e. LEJOG, i'd also rather tour it and see everything in daylight, rather than riding through the night

  • Somewhat random but does anyone know how @J_a_m_e_s__ is going? I hope he's doing better now. Be nice to know he's ok and maybe we'll see him out on the bike at some point?

  • right, I've entered Borders of Belgium

  • It's a brilliant ride, I didn't finish it due to some bad errors - which I'm happy to share, I'd read a few ride reports before and barely anyone mentioned how tough the Ardennes section was!

    Sleep- stop and sleep on the first night even if it feels to soon, most sensible people booked the F1 in Roubaix, the second day is hard with loads of climbing, if you haven't slept the next sleep stop is a long long way.

    The nights are really cold, in the Ardennes it can drop to zero degrees and below, so carrying warm stuff is essential, it will be probably be to cold to bivvy if you are tired.

    Food, carry more food than you normally would at all times, particularly the night there are big stretches where there is nothing open, even in the day options can be limited.

    Water- fill your bottles at every opportunity, otherwise you will be running round church graveyards in the dark desperate for water. Lots of properties and shops have outdoor taps - buy a tap lockshield key and take it with you, this will make life much easier!

    It's really well organised and a friendly event, the arrivee is excellent, once I'd bailed and had a sleep I spent the day there waiting for riders to return and had a great time!

  • Another tempting no-fly event. Missed the last edition as I was racing. Should I? Shit, this is turning into last year.

  • Ardennes

    Much swearings were offered when I toured back in 2005.

  • The 60 all-in spots have filled now. I guess that means it becomes more of a DIY food/bed option?

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Audax rides

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