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  • This is really just for slamm/beatz... come on, you must've taken a photo of your finger in a before and after type thing! You've got to show us.

    And seriously, we were all surprised you did it... doesn't everyone know about the Sheldon Brown warning? If not, here's the tip:

    The other danger of fixed-gear bicycles is at its greatest when the bike is in a repair stand. If you hand-pedal it and then accidentally have a finger an article of clothing come into contact with the chain or a sprocket, the momentum of the wheel will keep the drive train rolling. You can lose a finger that way. ![](­ixiefinger.jpg) ![](­ing-.jpg) Sorry to gross you out with these photos, but this is a real danger!

    Does it look like one of those?

    I've only got a few scars from cycling. One on my left palm when I attempted a wheelie on an old Grifter about 20 years ago... the bike was too heavy so I decided that hitting a curb would give lift to the front... it did... for about 2 seconds... and then the back wheel hit the curb. I went straight over the bars and landed in gravel, with a stone embedded in my left palm.

    The only other scar is now barely visible on my right fore-arm. A chunk of muscle that got dug out by the bar-end of another cyclist. I was going too fast, he was going too sideways. It was a bad recipe. It also resulted in my right shoulder having some ripped ligament/tendon things... it was painful, but no scar for that bit. Just 3 months of physio.

    Oh, one more scar... right foot. Happened at Box Hill during a Surrey Hills ride. I'd been out drinking the night before and went along for the club ride. Very tired, bonked shortly after Box Hill, but the real sign of the bonking was falling off attempting to mount my bike in the car park of the café. I went straight over the bike and landed on my face. To this day I don't know how I did that. Nor do I know why feet scars never seem to heal like the rest of the body does.

  • Oh, and this is a mate of mine, he did mountain biking until this got the better of him.

    He severed the top of his right arm, just below the shoulder. Those pins hold it together :)

    He'd landed on a rock whilst biking over the downs north of Brighton. The accident was so bad that he was helicoptered out. It puts my small scrapes into perspective.

  • Haha, I only wish I had taken pics. I was kinda in shock though, blood was p!ssing everywhere and I was sort of holding the top of my finger together wih my other hand. (still haven't got round to wiping the blood off my frame) All I have at the moment is this post-surgery pic, I'll be sure to take a pic when I go back to the plastics clinic next week when they change the dressing.

    also have this (with a matching one on the other side), old skateboarding injury…

    got loads of other smaller scars involving windows, concrete stairs and even an old Batmobile (remember the blade-thing at the front?)

  • Lends a whole new meaning to "keep your fingers to yourself, bad boy"

  • i got knocked off on camden street two weeks ago:

  • shit. I'm getin the train home.

  • This thread reminds me of a lovely scene i saw yesterday. a homeless man with some nasty scabs on his legs was encouraging his dog to lick it. which it did with great enthusiasm.

    who's hungry?

  • Hovis Brown:This thread reminds me of a lovely scene i saw yesterday. a homeless man with some nasty scabs on his legs was encouraging his dog to lick it. which it did with great enthusiasm. who's hungry?

    probably heal up quicker than if he went to hospital- and he won't contract mrsa (assuming he hasn't already!)

  • i think he's already contracted a whole buffet of bacteria.

  • Most of you have seen all my scars

  • I'm sure most people have done their collarbones? This was an almost-compound-collarbone-smash:

    But, how many of you have had brain surgery? ;) (warning: 2.5MB animated gif)
    Brain Surgery

  • I've done both my collarbones. Right one about 8 years ago mountain biking - now it's lumpy and weird. Left one about six months ago "just riding along". That one broke into lots of little pieces so now I have a big scar, a nice piece of stainless steel and six bolts holding it all together!

    Pictures later

  • I've not broken anything yet. I've always wondered... does it hurt much when you break something? Dumb question possibly, but I hear people say that breaking bones doesn't hurt at all, and I have no basis upon which to trust that statement.

  • When I broke my arm, I didn't really feel much pain. I actually didn't realise I had done it until I went to stand up and couldn't lift my arm. It was only when I saw my arm bent in such a strange way that the shock kicked in and I realised how bad it was.
    Mashing my finger on Sunday was more painful (still is in fact).

  • The adrenaline kick from a broken bone is usually (in my reasonably limited experience) enough to blank out the pain for a few minutes. Then it hurts like a bvitsh, but the bone itself probably doesn't hurt as much as road rash etc as there are less nerves in there. Poking broken bones can be a bit less fun - the first time I broke my collarbone I thought my shoulder felt funny so I poked it. It didn't feel very nice at all.

  • It hurts. Trust me on this one. It hurts

  • So I just changed my dressing, thought I'd take a snap as I know some of you were curious.
    Doesn't look as bad now as when I did it, healing up pretty nicely (thank god!), still f'cking painful though…

  • mmm lovely.

  • frankenfinger

  • This happend about one year ago and I have a nice purple scar now.

    I did have some photos taken when I hung up on a spine ramp in Bristol when I was 16 but I have lost them. It was well impressive compleatly wrecked one side of my face and kept on passing out.

    My mate had the best when he crashed on some dirt jumps about half a km from a small contry road, snaped his forarm. I mean snapped, both bones sicking out of his arm, he has a scar down nearly the compleate length of his foarm. I missed it but aparently only one other person was with him and they just had to flag down some random catr who drove them about 18 miles to the hospital. This was pre mobile phones and all that.

  • here's one of my hands ( the other was just as bad, but was holding the camera) after i was side swiped by a wanky bus driver, drove off smirking

  • How's your hand now, Murtle??

  • well sam, that was 16 months ago.........pretty scarred.

  • I have those scars on both my hands as well, from punching the tarmac amidst a crash. They take ages to heal... still got red patches just above each knuckle.

  • hes says he done that skating but i know different....

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Show us your scars

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