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  • Yeah I mean don't get me wrong, I would love to see London become like Holland. It's just a shame that some cyclists try to uhm... run before they can walk. Maybe it's just a case of cropped up roadrage since I'm on the road 4 or 5 days a week all day.

  • Why in the hell does everyone keep talking about tofu in the past tense?

  • Because he is no longer with us.

    Once London's fastest messenger (allegedly), now just another Toronto squeegee-kid-on-wheels...

  • Every time you post a link to an old MT article, I lose 15 minutes of my working day. Keep it up :)

  • I ride fixed to be cool.
    I don't even like bikes.

    I wish I owned a BMW X5.

  • hippy:I ride fixed to be cool. I don't even like bikes. I wish I owned a BMW X5.

    phew! i am glad there are other poeple out there like me!

    keeping up the pretence (sp?) of 'lovin' fixed makes me so tired, i'm starting to question whether all this effort is worth the 'cool points'.

  • a doctor told me once that riding fixed makes hair grow back. so, here i am.

  • actually he meant to say riding fixed makes hair grow on your back

    works for me

  • Damnit, where's fucking tofu?

  • ImOnCrank:Damnit, where's fucking tofu?

    Did you try the dairy section? Maybe health-foods?

  • Tofu is here.

  • It seems like a win-win situation. Either all the 'posers' stick with the fixed gear thing and really get into it, or if they lose interest, we can pick up all their bikes for cheap when they ebay them in 12 months.

  • Jos
    The thing nowadays is that if I ride into work in the morning or cruise home after I see all these new riders that want to get ‘ radical’ on there bicycle. Trying to race me and my fellow messengers and narrowly avoiding killing themselves every 100metres or so.

    ha! Feels like I've been there... I remember feeling my macho competitive hormones boil up upon seeing you in front of me, then racing you, then losing.

    You being let free on the streets without a disguise is kind of like having Michael Schumacher drive around in red convertible in a boy-racer suburb on a friday night. Your status of Alleycat Supremo is inevitably going to challenge testosteroned-up fakengers like me...

    Seriously though, I do feel a responsibility for other cyclists when I ride a bit aggressively, and hopefully my excessive red light jumping hasn't pissed off too many pedestrians.


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