composite wheels

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  • anyone know where to get hold of aerospoke, hed3 or spin rear wheels in the uk?

  • See these regularly on ebay - well Hed3, Cormias etc. Few aerospokes in this country. Your best bet are bike jumbles - places like ripley/hh meet etc cause at least you get to see the condition.

    Most composite wheels have conversion kits to switch between single cog and gears, so maybe you should start hanging out at at triathalons :) However some of these conversion kits don't provide space for a lockring so it pays to know what you're looking for.

    Otherwise if you're buying new these wheels are effing expensive. When I was last in SF, several of the better equipped track shops had aerospokes on display. It was crazy - used to be rare as hen's teeth.

  • I seriously thought about getting some HED's, but the downside to doing so is that you could never leave your bike locked outside unattended.

    I like going clubbing with my bike, there's nothing on the bike that warrants the finding of an angle grinder to get the chain off... a paid of HED's though, that would sure be a mighty temptation.

  • i want this:

  • Dude aerospokes not that bad compared to other stuf. Comparatively, HEDs, Mavics, Stellas, etc. are sick expensive. Aerospokes are also mad heavy though. Kingkog has a set listed for $550.


  • A guy was running these Spox on his road bike during a recent club run: Spox

    Carbon hub body, vectran(sp?) spokes. Rare.

  • HED used to run a regular ad in Cycling Weekly, at least I think it was CW, my memories failing which isnt good for someone with my job......mumble mumble

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composite wheels

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