Bike porn

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  • Very nice, in a simple understated sort of way.

  • 36er in the background? Want!

    Black Sheep, maybe?

  • 36er in the background?

    No, just a tiny man.

  • Whoa. Thats a proper ride.
    Great find.

  • would flex like a sapling

    For the people who still think it's a good idea, imagine if you will the torsion being applied to the frame in the image below. Now consider what would happen to the main beam of that Cherubim if you applied the same load. How much do you think the front of the bike would rotate relative to the back, assuming a 30mm diameter round steel tube of modest wall thickness? Calculation for a hollow torsion bar can be found at­prings/Springs_Torsion.html

    In round figures, every 1° of rotation equates to a tracking error (i.e. the back wheel not following the front) of 10mm

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    • women's%20team%20pursuit%20start.jpg
  • out of interest, Tester, do you know what frame that is that the closest woman is riding?

  • That's Wendy Houvenaghel on one of the Team GB/UKSI bikes.

  • That is an abomination, the worst thing I have ever seen, a waste of good components and a waste of time and tubing making it. Looks rad but bound to be bendy as a soft cock and will probably snap if the rider trys to ride it fast a lot.

    Surely you guys that judge the asthetic quality of bikes on here take in to account how well a machine functions as well as its form?

  • Isn't there another thread for that? Despite how it would ride, looks great imo. Then again, like you said, tubing could have been spent to create a bike just as nice that would actually perform as good as it looked. It probably won't be ridden anyways.

  • Perfect, anyone know what tyres they are?

  • It's a tubular tyres, but other than that no idea.

  • What is that blue one? Minus the dropouts, almost looks like a Waterford. Very nice

  • 36er in the background? Want!

    Black Sheep, maybe?

    Looks like it. Also want.


    Mikey Merk's ESB.
    Trick bike porn.

    That is fugly

  • That's lovely. Nice enough for Nuknow to post it despite it being blue.

  • Bugger off philistine, allow me to wank all over those thin-walled skinny tubing bicycle.

    That's some hardcore specialism right there. Reminds me of:

  • That is fugly

    i also think its porn. gumwall tyres and the bright paint gives it that 80's mtb vibe.


    that frame should flex as fuck

    Yeah but with stiff wheels like that, you need a bit of give, otherwise it would be far to harsh to ride on the road.


  • That is fugly

    In what way?

    Looks good imo and fit for purpose.

  • Reminds me/ inspired by Obree's 'old faithful'?

  • /attachments/36728
    Yellow...but definetly not mellow !

    I like its in your face attitude!

  • now Calfee on the other hand...

    ...and a tandem for ed :)

    ...altho missmatching sadels and zipp's with an enve finishing kit makes it boarder-line.

  • is that a vibrating seatpost or something? why the 9v?

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Bike porn

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