Bike porn

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  • I’m not a fan of either one of the Cinelli Laser photos but one could argue that (other than the weird top) the woman in the second photo is at least wearing functional cycling kit, whereas the first photo seems like the photographer mainly hired the model as a prop without any connection to the bike judging by the outfit and those shoes in particular. For the sake of gender-equality in body-objectification, I’ll leave this here:

  • The owner of that Bike (not sure if he’s also the photographer) seems to be into this sort of sexist marketing. Here’s a photo of his shop:

  • seems to be into this sort of sexist marketing

    There was so much of it that era that if you are going to create an exhibition of marketing, you have to either live with it or make a conspicuous decision to include only messages which fit in with current mores. The cycling industry was a very long way from being the worst offender, so God help anybody accessorising a retro beverage shop 😇

  • Well, that’s true but if somebody argues along the lines of “you can’t erase/deny the past”, the obvious counter-argument would be to embed those sort of commercials in a wider frame of reference that questions the practice at the time. It’s similar to the whole confederate statues argument revolving around how and where they should be displayed appropriately.

  • I prefer to credit people with their own intelligence. I don't need a little label next to Italian bike ads from the 80s to tell me we wouldn't accept them without comment today, and anybody who does need the labels is probably too thick to read them anyway.

  • I agree in principle. But if someone still displayed one of said ads from the 80s next to his own contemporary series of photos in a similar style, he shouldn’t be surprised if people assume that he’s condoning a sexist practice despite recent changes in societal norms.

  • Agreed on this. If the owner has a display of this type of imagery and has commissioned modern work in a similar vein then the true intentions can be a fairly safe assumption and we should rightly regard that person as an asshole

  • Lets also just remember that this is in the "Bike Porn" thread - so it might well be fair to judge that it is problematic to place it in this specific thread context and not recognise the connotations with sexual consumption

  • The owner of "that shop" has lots of cool (often vintage) italian bike stuff. Not only the stereotypical adds seen on the picture. The store is called Cicli Berlinetta. If you come to Berlin you should go for a visit. Owner (Dustin) is a good guy too - he did a crazy fixed gear trip many moons ago with Mo (who once ran Keirin Berlin)

  • Antonov Elin in frame means they had to put plenty of clothes on the models to stop the sexiness level from becoming actually dangerous 🙂 More here

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  • I’m a bit tired of the incessant and tedious self promotion of this crew. Nice bike stock, no doubt but wow, give the daily IG posing a rest.

  • There are ways to avoid the tedium...

  • Nice, crisp Bishop

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  • Saddle angle, no pedal, no bottle cage>>>Guilty

  • incessant and tedious self promotion

    That's all that IG is for, and the reason why I never look at it.

  • How did you find that link then?

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  • How did you find that link then?

    I was looking on the Antonov factory page at their museum, and thought it odd that there were no bikes (not because they were a big thing, just that they might have one or two and they would be the kind of interesting "BTW, we also made this" thing a factory tour might feature) So then I googled "antonov cycles" and decided that I couldn't be sure what the logo on the Elin said because it's potentially ambiguous in Ukrainian Cyrillic, so I switched to a Ukraine keyboard and typed what I thought it was to confirm, and that page was at or near the top of the search. Or something like that; even if you think you've reconstructed your pattern properly, google never gives the same result twice. Long story short, I found the page without ever going to either IG or FB

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Bike porn

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