Bike porn

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  • top bike photography too.

  • Watching the track racing from Majorca, can't help but still lust after Hoy's helmet:

  • I'm a straight man, but I can't help but lust after Hoy

    PS, what year is that catalogue page from?

  • I dunno. Just tried to do reproduce the Google search that had me trip over it, but couldn't recall what I was looking for when I found it. Mid-1970's I think though... just a guess.

  • Love the sunglasses

  • It's the bianchi in the background... honest.

  • velocity boy:I absolutely adore these old raleighs: ![](­76/images/03-76-professional-track.jpg)

    Hey, I'm sure I've seen something like that before...

    I actually prefer mine, even if the photography ain't up to scratch.
    Since I gave away my childhood bmx before my trip to the UK I'm over chrome. Those saddles are like block spitters to my nether zone. I don't do clips/straps any more. But I am fond of my brakes and the original fork and bars are in storage should I want to ressurect the original track setup.

  • Alright if this really turning into a Raleigh Track Porn thread, then the older Professionals wee all over the new ones

    Now this is real porn ('72 Raleigh Professional)




    I should know I had one, then leant it to a friend who stacked it on the track and so now it looks like this:

    cause I was too (and am) poor to get it repainted the way it used to look like.

  • man, moyer's got some lovely bikes. love the top tube protector.

  • whoa! check out that lady's scarf! so many colours!

  • lol

  • And for those who don't want to drill their fork, yet want a front brake;

  • riding from Chelmsford to Danbury on A414 a couple of weeks ago I passed a large collection of hardcore mags by the roadside. needless to say I stopped and browsed for a while. it was full on stuff, no holes barred. alas I had no capacity for carrying any of it. and I had some trouble getting back in the saddle too! I've done a few miles here and there around the country and never come across this before and was wondering if its a phenomenon limited to the bounds of Essex or whether anyone else had had similar experiences?

  • Something similar whilst fixed mtbing in Epping Forest. I rounded a corner to find not a pile of mags - just one...

    ... plus a geezer sitting there wanking over it.

    He obviously wasn't too phased. The trail kind of disappeared a little further on, so I had to double back - and he was still going at it like a chimp in the zoo.

  • the fork on the yamaguchi makes me feel ill.

    different strokes for different folks though....

  • lmao@bringmemyfix

  • riding up the hill out of peaselake (some of you probably know where this is) on my mtb i noticed a magazine, closer inspection revealed it to be a pristine copy of transvestite today.
    i didn't get past the 1st page before i had to release my grip on the sordid publication.
    i left it open on the 'babe of the month' centrefold on the verge so it was clearly visible to anyone passing.

  • kipsy it was full on stuff, no holes barred.

    that's a lovely mental image.

  • velocity boy This is all over bf. It's jaw-dropping gorge..­iaghipista/purplepog01.sized.jpg

    OUCH!!! The only thing they got right on that thing is the seatpost. ...and maybe the front hub.

  • I've been enjoying this one a lot.

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Bike porn

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