How to Get an Avatar and Make Your Profile Pretty

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  • Go here:­ackAction=Identity

    Fill stuff in!

    The name/value pairs are great fun... go crazy with those :)

    Oh, and you'll need to know the full URL to the images that you want for your avatar and profile pics, if you want to know how to get photos on here, go here:­how-to-post-photos/

  • This shit ain't workin' no more.
    Trying to change from my evolution of shaving picture to something more contemporary.
    Every time I try to upload or hyperlink to an image it fails. Sometimes it states it's too large - fair enough - resize it just says "fail". I feel fail. I am disappoint.

    What are the specs for an avatar upload? 64 x 64? 50 x 50? Tried a variety from 30 x 30 up to 128 x 128 - gif, jpeg, all sorts.

    Somebody show me the error of my ways..

  • Basically, that crap avatar is with you 4eva...

  • Also consider the max file size of the image. It's 6kb.

  • Aha! 6KB - that's all I needed -though when in christs name does it say that? My search skills are obviously lacking.

  • Velocity Boy carved it, and many other restraints, into 531 steel under instruction from Sheldon 'beyond the grave' Brown

  • Basically, that crap avatar is with you 4eva...

    I really am, I just tried a 4kb gif and it told me I was a twat and that the upload had failed.

    Or something

  • What file format is the image?

  • tried encoding a lot of different ways: .GIF, .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP
    tried a multitude of sizes. I can change my profile display picture, and duly have, but no joy on this puppy.

  • i find i often have to persevere with uploading images a few times befor eit works. as long as you're within the 64x64 and 6kb range it should go eventually!

  • Patience/Persistence was never a virtue I've been familiar with. Looks like I'm stuck with with the various stages of beard experimentation.

  • still no luck eh...

  • still no luck.

    it's resized to 64x64, and at 4kb, yet it won't upload.

    and now kept telling me upload's failed.

  • avatar test

  • and again..sometimes you can see all the avatars on a page other times you can't. Just talkin to myself..

  • now trying to replace previous avatar but just getting the old one again and again

  • all good fun, maybe later can find a brick wall to headbutt to complete a recreational evening

  • others are having this problem.

  • trying all different file sizes. Feel flounce coming on

  • There is a problem with the avatar software type stuff.

    Feel free to flounce.

  • I'd help if I could, but I can't even access the internet these days...

  • I'll keep plugging my flounce for special

  • Like someone calling you a fucktard?

  • no i get that a lot. Any help with changing avatar gratefully received.

  • same avatar but smaller, depressing

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How to Get an Avatar and Make Your Profile Pretty

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio