London based custom bag maker

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  • Are there any?

    I'm looking for something along the lines of Chicago's Wig company... a little informal shop where you can walk in with an idea and the place can knock it out pretty quick and not be outrageously priced.

  • not exactly what your after but I've recently had a bag from here made
    they have your standard courier style and sizes but will cutomise options available, and seem keen to create something bespoke, worth emailing him to discuss.
    I'm very pleased with the quality workmanship and design of the bag.
    The exchange rate doesn't make it as much of a bargain as shipping from US, etc
    but bagaboo has good reviews from FGG bag review and is alot more open to customising features.
    the only slight draw back i found was it seemed to take a while for them to reply to emails, so the confirmation process was quite draw out but from then to delivery was less than 2 weeks - I brought up the issue in feedback so maybe he's sorted it by now.
    overall I'd recommend and would be happy let anyone have a look at mine if that'd help,

  • There may be one custom bag maker in London soon (prototype bags are still under development).

    But it depends on what you mean by custom. If you're after Reload style totally customisable bags, then I think you'll have to order from bagaboo, reload, seagull, zugster etc.

    If you mean custom as in a few tweaks (colours, pocket options) then there may be an option for you soon. Last time I heard is that bags may start being available in April. All handmade in London, which is pretty sweet.

  • I'll echo what Pip has said - I've been using one of the prototypes for a couple of months and it is a very good bag.

  • I've got a bagaboo :)

    What I'm looking for is someone like Isaac @ Chicago Wig.

    He's able to custom make almost anything... you just go in with beer for him (and payment obviously) and explain what you want and he'll whip up a prototype immediately.

    This means you can get custom anything... especially if the basic idea is pretty simple. Want a custom tool roll? Or top tube protector? Then he can knock them out.

    And that's really what I'm seeking. My road bike cost a bomb and I want to protect a few areas of the paintwork with velcro strap-on and washable tube protectors made for the bike. My Jackson could do with a top tube protector. I've got a couple of zanier ideas too... like a cover for a camcorder... bolt the camera onto the bike and cover the camcorder for basic shower proofing.

    All simple rectangle based designs, but requiring decent materials and I lust after nice workmanship (or I'd attempt it myself).

    Who's doing the secret prototypes?

  • I know a guy here in London with an enormopus box of different reload TT covers that we wants to sell.

  • It's the art students you need to talk to.

    Someone in the pub was passing round a prototype stem pad, so you don't hurt your googlies when you're doing those krazy kool no-hands skids.

    I'm pretty sure anyone with access to the right materials, a sewing machine and enough time on their hands (art student) could sort you out.

  • velocity boy:Roberto Medeiro on eBay? [­assZxrobertomedeirosx](http://search.eba­­osx)

    Yes indeed! He's got boxes of them.

  • Roberto is the shit. Nothing says rad like brazilian squatterpunx in london with multiple custom bikes.

  • Sorry, who is making bags in London?

  • They're not saying yet... prototypes being tried and the maker trying to figure out the business model before jumping in fully.

    Bug fixedpip, he might spill the beans to you ;) He didn't to me!

  • Well, when they're ready to go public, I want to write about it on MT.

  • Oh, and if they want advice, I am happy to help. I worked for Timbuk2 for a year (when they were still based 100% in SF) and am good friends with Erik Zo, and know most of the older custom bag manufacturers.

  • Cheers for the kind words Bill. Hopefully the maker will not to a Zo and only start selling to japanese collectors on Ebay ;)

    Didn't mean to be so mysterious but its not my call to go public on this esp on public forum. If you're working or regular alley cat racer you probably know the maker already.

    The prototype bags out there are dope (really nice work) but its hard to go from making a few for some friends to taking general orders esp when its not your main buisness. Always think of Freight/Zugster as examples. Both went from making a few bags to taking general orders and suddenly they had tons of bags on backorder. Instead of getting some riding in all your spare time is spent sewing. Sure you can pay folks to cut patterns and streamline the designs but you have to take small steps at first.

    So sorry DanK - looks like for one-off custom stuff you're better off talking to Bugaboo, Wig, Seagull etc or following the advice to get friendly with a Fashion/Art student.

    Should've kept my big mouth shut but am excited about these bags.

  • Erik doesn't sell bags to anyone! Not even Jap collectors...

    The only Zo bags you can buy these days are 2nd hand for ridiculous money..

  • I have been thinking about getting a new bag I have been using a crumpler very busy man for about 4 years which has been a great bag but in the winter it is a tiny bit small as waterproofs, down jacket, bulkier clothing shoes etc are just too much for the bag. (i commute when i can and take a change of clothes/shoes in the bag)
    was thinking about another crumpler, can't remember the name but it's the next size up and their biggest bag then i saw this thread, the bugaboo bags look good, i would get the 20% hungarian vat off too :-) should i wait for this mysterious london bag maker to appear out of the ether or because i'm not a messenger stick with the crumpler?

  • Bill, there's a couple couriers with these top-secret bags.

  • Oh yeah? Who?

  • it's top secret

  • You lot are just a bunch teasers. I'm not playing with you anymore.

  • Come on baby, it's just for play!

  • here you go bill i've found them


  • damn it! the plum jacquard is out of stock

  • i got the last one :-)

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London based custom bag maker

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