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  • I'm impressed... how did you do that?!

  • Actually, there's a more simple way to get the correct *.jpeg URL address than digging in the browser.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the image to get a bigger version
    3. Right-click on the bigger image and copy the image adress

    That's all :)

  • cheers @Dcls : )

  • Posting pictures from Firefox seems to be working better than it has in aaaaaages

    No need to select multiple images twice

  • Test

  • Test 2

  • Test 3

  • For your first test, with the URL that redirects to­N02/51405668271/...

    From there, for instance :

    • click on the bottom-right button to download the image
    • click "View all sizes"
    • choose your size
    • right-click on the image
    • click 'copy the image address' (that might depends on your brower)

    Now you have the image address, just insert it jusing the "Image" button here when you post a new message.


  • Has been working for me for desktop Firefox for a while now. Not Firefox on Android, though.

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  • @Velocio if there are images posted on another site I want to put into a thread, would you rather I upload the image to the forum, or deeplink them from the other site? From a hoisting POV I'd assume deep link but I don't know if there is an etiquette with other sites to re-upload rather than use their bandwidth you'd rather I (we) keep to

    edit: oh read the first fucking post: upload is preferred

  • Entirely up to you.

    If the image isn't valuable (you don't care if it breaks in 5 years) and you don't own the copyright... embedding is best.

    If the image is valuable (i.e. a classifieds as it reflects provenance of past sales and the condition at that time) and you own the copyright (you took it)... attaching is best.

    But largely I don't mind what you do.

  • Nine months later...

  • Thanks @Dcls

  • Aha, you're welcome!

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  • test

  • Test2

  • Finally did it, thanks to dcls

  • Test 3 large scale

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  • TEst

  • I can see in the HTML that you tried to insert an image with a link from Google Photos.
    Unfortunately it won't work.
    Easiest solution: Download the photo from Google Photos and upload it here.

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HowTo: Post Photos

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