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  • You have two options when wanting to get photos onto this site.

    Option 1 (preferred):

    • Click reply when responding to a post or thread, to use the larger WYSIWYG entry text box.
    • Either click the upload a file link in the bottom left of the text entry box and that will give you a popup window to allow you to upload files.
    • Then either upload the pictures directly from your computer, or from a mobile phone.

    Option 2:

    • Click the image button above the text entry box.
    • Enter the URL of a remotely hosted image. Note that this image must already be on the internet somewhere (not your computer) and that the URL must be to the image itself... it should end in .jpg, .png, .gif or .svg

    That's it.

    Why is option 1 preferred?

    • The image will be permanently available even though the remote website may be down.
    • The site remains fast even when a remote website may be slow.

    How to enter the syntax?

    You have a few options, if you're good with HTML, then use an <img> tag, it will work.

    Or use Markdown:

    Here's how to add links and images using Markdown, and how to combine the two.­down/syntax#link

    Hyperlinks go in (), and to indicate where the text to be hyperlinked starts and ends [] is used.

    Hence a link is:
    [the text to link](­down/syntax#img

    Images are still links and go in () and you may still have some text for the image tag which can go in [], and to say it should be an image start with a !



    Then if you want it without the hover text:


    And finally combining the two.

    A link [](http://destination) and an image ![](http://image) would be [![](http://image)](http://destination) because the link wraps the image.


    Finally, if you're crazy or something... you can still use BBCode and [img] tags... though I won't guarantee that will always work.

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  • magic. i feel like the genius of the internet. thanks velocity boy

  • I'm not usually this techno-incompetant, but how do you find/work out the address for the location of pictures you've uploaded to Flickr. I've successfully uploaded pictures to Flickr and can get the address of the pages on which individual pictures are displayed but am buggered if I can work out the web address for where a picture is actually hosted, can anyone enlighten me? Thanks

  • Right click on the photo and select "properties". You'll get a box like this:
    and you then copy the highlighted address.

  • imageshack is free and easy (!!)

  • Brett you're a star, thanks, I have now posted my first picture to the forum, I might now be really daring and even start my own thread!!!

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HowTo: Post Photos

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