Freecycle - Recycle your old bikes and components

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  • Oh I would of loved that one!

  • I saw that! I was too slow coz I'm in digest mode. DamN!

    Are out west as well ChrisW?

  • Hold up, does that mean the bike has a freezer attached to it? How is it powered? Is it like a thermos-style freezer...

  • I was out west, living just near Kew Bridge, in South in Dulwich at the moment. My company have an office in Ealing though so i stayed on the mailing list.

  • Ah, well that's 2.5 fixers so far.. (you get half because you have an office there) :)

  • 3.5 including that girl on the red bike...hmmm, well have to enrol her, if we ever see her

  • I was only talking about the 'knowns'.

    Pearson guy
    Red fix guy
    Red fix girl
    Langster guy
    Pompino guy
    I think there was one other on C+ with a large frame something-or-other

  • sorry, i saw an old guy in hanwell too, on an old red one
    we'll have to hand them out spoke cards..
    was the langster guy wearing black with chopped down risers? or drops??

  • 24.5 frame for a Pub/Rat bike, unknown make with bits of chrome poking through a rattle can spray, stem looks to be Cinelli is stuck in the frame.

    Freebie - can meet at a Central Tube station for a hand over.

    Nose damaged saddle can go with it.


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  • I didn't know this thread existed. Should it have its own visibility next to the WANTED, Components and Full Bikes threads?

  • Not a bad boy either under that paint. Dropouts point to a pre-70 frame (not an expert, but I'd say around 60?), nice lugs and if there is chrome it was possibly a quite decent frameset.
    It needs re-paint anyway, so a good grab for tall people

  • Good suggestion

  • I have a pair of shimano shoes up for grabs..­49/#comment12837498

  • I have a Motobecane up for grabs

    Was originally picked up from Si "Si46" with the intention of learning a bits and pieces about putting a single speed together but its not materialising due to work and travel.

    Original thread here­51/#comment12613126

    From original post

    "Motobecane Nicely done in 531 all French threads no Bb or h/set. Very small dink in top tube
    59.5cm top tube ctc."

    Available for pickup in NW6 Queens Park/Kilburn

    Has been kept inside since getting my hands on it except for the last 3 days when the girlfriend finally lost her patience ha!

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Freecycle - Recycle your old bikes and components

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